‘Married To Jonas’ Recap: Pressure To Put Career Over Baby


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‘Married To Jonas’ Recap: Pressure To Put Career Over Baby

Tension ran high in the series premiere of 'Married To Jonas.' As the band of brothers discusses a new album and tour, the family must choose career over a baby for newlyweds Kevin and Danielle -- at least for now.

Invasion of privacy, trying to impress your mother-in-law and pressures to put a hold on starting a family were all addressed in the first episode of 'Married To Jonas' on August 19. Ever since Kevin Jonas married Danielle in December 2009, everyone has been wondering -- when is a baby coming? Although Kevin started the episode by saying "I want a baby" before another dog, and Dani spilled about her childhood dreams of staring a family, those hopes were put on hold during an awkward dinner with the Jonas family.

Impressing The In-Laws

Dani is already nervous as the Jonas family arrives, since she is trying to impress the always-put-together Mrs. Jonas. "Kevin’s mom is so put together, I get nervous around her because I don’t want to say the wrong thing. I'm afraid I'm going to say something stupid!" Dani enlisted the help of her mom and sister to prepare the meal for the Jonas family, but also made it known

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