Will Marlon Wayans' 'Paranormal Activity' Spoof Be a Success?

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Will Marlon Wayans' 'Paranormal Activity' Spoof Be a Success?

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Marlon Wayans

Famed comedian Marlon Wayans is developing a parody that plays off the current trilogy of "Paranormal Activity" movies, amongst other things. He's definitely not the first comedian to try his hand at a parody or spoof of a pop culture hit, but is Wayan's endeavor a good idea? Here are some reasons you might think so…

His comedy track record speaks volumes.

We might as well address the obvious: Marlon Wayans is no stranger to spoofs. As the underrated king of the "Scary Movie" saga, he's also brought us "White Chicks," "Dance Flick," and "Little Man." In fact, the "Mo' Money" star's comedic roster is practically endless. This collection of movies alone cements his position in the genre.

He added Cedric the Entertainer to the cast.

Marlon probably did his little movie a favor by adding comedian Cedric the Entertainer to the cast. Known for his dry "ghettofabulousness" and penchant for impressions, the possibilities are endless. Needless to say, the King of Comedy's appearance gives the scary spoof, requisite validation.

Wayan's movie is still untitled.

The actor had intended to call his spoof, "Smart Ass," a play on the infamous "Jackass" franchise. But as it stands, the production is still untitled. Maybe that's a good thing. After all, with the real "Paranormal Activity 4" being released on October 19, Wayans will want to ensure that the popularity of the chain's latest installment gives his spoof a leg on which to stand.

"Requiem for a Parody"

In 2000, the young actor showcased his serious side. Co-starring in "Requiem for a Dream" alongside Jared Leto and Jennifer Connelly, Wayans explored the nightmarish side of drug abuse. His yet-to-be-titled film may be a spoof. But there's a good chance Wayans has found ways to sprinkle some of that "Requiem" drama into a parody setting.

Marlon currently is hanging with comedy's heavy hitters.

Marlon is set to perform along with his brother Shawn, at the New York Comedy Festival. The festival being held November 7-11, 2012, has some pretty impressive names on the line-up. Bill Maher, Kevin Hart, Ricky Gervais and Robin Williams join the brothers. If we're to judge Marlon by the company he keeps, we might give his upcoming spoof a stamp of approval.

However, he isn't exactly a "stand-up" guy…

As was pointed out in an interview on HamptonRoads.com in August 2012, Marlon's comedic genius wasn't immediately inspired by stand-up comedy. In fact, he didn't really get into it until he was tapped to star in a still-in-development film about the late, great Richard Pryor. Spoof fans may not consider this a big deal. But even the youngest Wayan points out how difficult it is to flesh out one idea and expand it into long-lasting laughs. Perhaps the flexible actor has a few tricks up his sleeve, which he'll need if he wants to keep audiences from tiring of the antics they've seen in years past.

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