Mark Wahlberg Will Join 'Transformers 4' - What He's Been Up To

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Could the cast of "The Transformers" get any hotter? Apparently, it can.

Hollywood director Michael Bay announced this week Marky Mark himself, Mark Wahlberg, would be joining the cast of the popular movie franchise. According to Michael, Mark is the perfect guy to carry on the legacy of the films.

"Transformers 4" will be released next June, just in time to start up the season of Hollywood summer blockbusters. Will "Transformers 4" be as popular as the other "Transformers" movies? While we wait to see Mark's hot body in action let's take a look at what else the seasoned actor has been up to.

No"50 Shades of Grey"

Everyone has been wondering just who will play the sexy role of Christian Grey in the film adaptation of the incredible bestselling erotica novel. Although Mark was interested he knew his wife wouldn't be too pleased about him taking a role where he has to play the part of sexually dominant character.

Despite not wanting to star in the film Mark had been trying very hard to gain the film rights to the book just before the novelist had an agent. "We were very close to getting the rights, we were talking with the writer before she had an agent. I just knew that it was going to be a phenomenon, whether I thought it was good, bad or indifferent. It was definitely going to be one of those things that would create a huge buzz," he said last summer.

New roles

In 2013 Mark will star in three films including "Broken City," "Pain & Gain," and "2 Guns." In January's "Broken City" we'll get two hotties for the price of one as Russell Crowe will be starring alongside Mark in the crime thriller about an ex-cop trailing the wife of a NYC mayor. In "Pain & Gain" Mark will work with Michael Bay again in a dramatic comedy about a pair of Florida bodybuilders.

Custom built mega mansion

Mark is well known as a regular family guy so when the actor who already owns a huge mansion said he's trying to find another mansion three times bigger than his current home for his family, most people were pretty shocked.

Earlier this year Mark and his model wife began having a custom, 30,000-square-foot mansion built on their lot of six acres they purchased a few years ago.Previously, their Beverly Hills mansion was considered one of the most extravagant celebrity homes.

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