Mark Anthony and Jennifer Lopez Working on Marriage? More Celeb Couples Can Act as Inspiration

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Mark Anthony and Jennifer Lopez Working on Marriage? More Celeb Couples Can Act as Inspiration

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Do we really think this pair is planning on patching things up?

In an informal survey of big news stories, it would appear that Hollywood has the highest per capita rate of divorce. While stars may be adept at making money, they don't appear to skilled at making marriages work, because stories about celeb divorces are a constant force in the headlines. Of course, every little thing that celebrities do justifies a news story in some people's minds, so bad relationship news is going to be a big deal when contrasted with the apparently otherwise perfect lives of Hollywood's stars.

One of the latest pairs to experience problems is Mark Anthony and Jennifer Lopez. The two musically inclined stars have hit a rocky patch but unlike some other celebrity couples, Anthony and Lopez are not seeking a "quickie divorce," according to recent tabloid stories. Although there is speculation as to the veracity of the story, unconfirmed sources claim the two are working hard to make amends to make things work out for the long haul. If the couple is indeed working on things as the rumors suggest, the two Latin lovers may want to seek advice from some of Hollywood's more successful couples. Here's a look at a few famous faces that have kept the fire going.

Jay-Z and Beyonce : Talk about a power couple. Jay and Beyonce have a lot more in common than music, as they are both successful entrepreneurs and apparently, tennis fans -- the two were spotted taking in the world's best tennis at Wimbledon during the summer of 2011. The two are also incredibly adept at multitasking, as both have their hands in a multitude of projects at any given time. These two musical moguls have been married since 2008.

Calista Flockheart and Harrison Ford : Ford and Flockheart have been married since June 2010, but they have been dating for a long time; the couple met at the Golden Globes award show in 2002. Part of what makes this couple unique -- and perhaps something about which Anthony and Lopez should think -- is that they are relatively private and somehow manage to keep their affairs out of the headlines. While not many of us can speak from experience, keeping your baggage out of the gossip magazines is probably beneficial for longetivity.

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick : If there's any couple that could help out Lopez and Anthony, it would be K-squared. These two stars have been shining together since 1988 and since their marriage, they have also starred in a number of films together. Unfortunately, both also suffered losses related to Bernie Madoff's massive Ponzi scheme, but evidently they didn't take that out on one another.

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