Mariah Carey Renews Vows at Disneyland - Other Stars Who Love Being a Princess

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Mariah Carey Renews Vows at Disneyland - Other Stars Who Love Being a Princess

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Mariah Carey calls her fans "lambs"

Mariah Carey is musical royalty, so of course the diva decided to celebrate her fifth wedding anniversary with a Disneyland party fit for a princess! She and hubby Nick Cannon even shut down the whole park so they could reside over their own kingdom after renewing their vows.

The couple dressed in white prince and princess costumes, and Mariah and daughter Monroe got to arrive at the ceremony in true Disney style -- they made Nick and little Moroccan wait at the castle while they pulled up in a pumpkin carriage. The family was also celebrating Monroe and Moroccan's second birthday, so "dem babies" got their own Disney party.

There's no doubt that some of the other princess-obsessed celebrities out there will be extremely envious of Mariah Carey's magical fifth wedding anniversary. Here's a look at a few other female stars who love being fairytale characters:

Holly Madison

This former star of "The Girls Next Door" might be the most envious wannabe princess in all the land, since she's obviously obsessed with the Disney princess portrayed in "Sleeping Beauty" -- she dressed up like a sexier version of Princess Aurora for Halloween in 2010, and she donned a similar costume again last October during a trip to Disneyland. However, her long gown was a little more modest since she was using it to conceal a baby bump. The Playboy princess' regal costume was also a hint about her baby name -- she later dubbed her daughter Rainbow Aurora. Unsurprisingly, Holly purchased a lot of Disney princess-themed onesies for Rainbow, but the new mom decided against decorating the tot's nursery like a pink palace -- instead Rainbow Aurora's room has an "Alice in Wonderland" theme.

Taylor Swift

Taylor is always singing about fairy tales and happy endings in her pop tunes, so surely the pop princess is more than a little princess-obsessed. In fact, her fairy dreams started before she became famous -- she can be seen sporting a tiara in an old yearbook photo. Taylor got her chance to become a real Disney princess earlier this year when she was transformed into a daydreaming Rapunzel for an Annie Leibovitz photo, but her Prince Charming hasn't climbed up her hair just yet. However, she hasn't given up on her happy ending. Here's what she said about her optimistic outlook on love: "I think you need to believe in the fairy tale otherwise you become cynical and close yourself off to love because you stop trusting those incredible feelings that come over you at the beginning." Spoken like a true Disney princess!

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian definitely lives like a pampered princess -- she has a whole team of style "servants" who help magically transform her into camera-ready, reality show royalty. Because she's used to living the luxurious life of a Disney princess, it should be no surprise that Kim has played pretend by dressing up like Princess Jasmine and Snow White for Halloween. However, she found her Prince Charming while dressed as the newest Disney royal: Princess Leia. In 2008, Kim donned the "Star Wars" character's iconic metal bikini to shoot a TV series pilot with Kanye West. However, if Kimye decides to have a fairytale wedding, we're thinking Kim will opt for a more traditional princess outfit.

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