Maria Menounos Says She's a Tough Greek - Other Hollywood Stars with Greek Roots

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Maria Menounos is no whiner! The "Dancing with the Stars" contestant literally powered through the pain of two broken ribs after falling on partner Derek Hough's knee during rehearsal.

"Injury or not, I'm going to be a tough Greek," the "Extra" correspondent told host Brooke Burke. "I'm going to kick some (butt)! I feel great. I did my best. We powered through!"

Thankfully her efforts were not in vain as her Bonnie and Clyde inspired quick step earned a 25 out of 30 stars from the judges firmly placing her as one of the front runners for the current season of the dancing competition.

With her homage to her heritage, the star joins a growing population of stars who are Greek and proud of it. Here are some of the stars with Greek roots:

John Stamos: He not only loves Greek yogurt, the "Full House" star fully embraces his Greek roots. His family's name was originally Stamatopoulos, which his grandparents shortened when they immigrated to America. Whenever possible, the star tries to incorporate his heritage into his roles going so far to as to ask the writers of "Full House" to change his character's last name to Katsopolis from the planned name of Cochran.

Tina Fey: The comedian and "30 Rock" star is the daughter of an Irish-German father and a Greek mother. Throughout her life, the former "Saturday Night Life" head writer has paid tribute to her own roots even making reference to them on "Weekend Update" in 2010. Most recently, the star honored her heritage by naming her second daughter, Penelope Athena, after the Greek Goddess.

Criss Angel: The eternal "MindFreak" is the youngest of three sons in a very close Greek-American family. It was his family that inspired him to get started with magic at the age of six. The illusionist was born Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos, but changed his name professionally.

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