Margaret Cho Goes Gaga on 'Diva'

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Margaret Cho Goes Gaga on 'Diva'

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Margaret Cho Goes Gaga on 'Diva'

Fans of the multi-talented Margaret Cho are in for double the fun on this season of Drop Dead Diva since she not only returns as Jane's assistant, Teri, but works her love for singing into the show as well!

That's just one of the reasons Margaret is so enthused about the recently-launched fourth season of Lifetime's smash hit -- what else has Margaret going Gaga? Read on to find out! What excites you about this season?
Margaret Cho: I think it's just a really great season – there's a lot of incredible storylines, and some great guest stars. Teri gets to do a lot more this year -- include sing! Teri starts to think she's Lady Gaga and starts dressing in crazy clothes, which was so fun for me. I had a great time this year.

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Insider: How Gaga does her wardrobe get?
Margaret: There's no meat dress or anything, although that would be fabulous [laughs]. It's not that hardcore but it's certainly in the spirit of Gaga. Look out for an amazing wig.

Insider: In its fourth season, it feels like the show has really evolved into an ensemble piece. Do you feel that as well?
Margaret: I definitely do. Teri gets to do more this year, as do the rest of the characters. There's so many great, talented people on the show and we've spent three years developing these characters, which is so great for an actor like me, because I don't always get that opportunity. We're getting to really know our characters, so now we get to play around with them. I'm really proud of the writing and performances this year.

Insider: Last week introduced the threat that Grayson might figure out Jane is Deb. What excites you about that development?
Margaret: I love it because [Josh Berman, creator] is really meshing this fantastic fantasy world with real life – Grayson has all these feelings for Jane and they're starting to pop up for him. He is realizing that there must be more of a connection than just being friends. Jane still loves him, of course – but the conflict is Owen, Jane's boyfriend -- she really loves him too. The story really goes to some fun places this year.

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Insider: What would Teri think of the idea that Deb is in Jane's body?
Margaret: I don't think she would buy it. I don't think there's any way. She lives in such a real world so I don't think she would accept that as a truth. There's so much rationality in that character, and in that office – they represent a grounded, focused, no fairytale world. I don't think she would buy it for a second.

Insider: This year sees Kim Kardashian and Joan Rivers, among others, cameo on DDD -- who has not guest-starred yet that you would love to snag?
Margaret: I would love to see Lady Gaga, I would love to see Madonna or Cher – those would be the dream for me.

Insider: All people Teri could open for on tour!
Margaret: Exactly! Perfect! I love it.

Drop Dead Diva airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

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