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Is Bieber really a bad kid?

What does a pop star like Justin Bieber do when they want to blow off steam? They enjoy having a laugh at the expense of others through pranks, of course!

The Biebs recently recorded himself taking part in the new internet craze known as "cone-ing," which entails ordering an ice cream cone at a drive thru window and then grabbing it by the ice cream instead of the cone. It's an odd prank to pull since the person performing it is the one that ends up in the most uncomfortable position (with a sticky hand; an uneatable treat; and ice cream all over their clothes and car seat), but at least some people are easily entertained.

Justin also tried to return an unsatisfactory Frosty from Wendy's to Burger King in the video he posted (awkward!). So what other pranks has the "Baby" singer tried to pull in the past?

Well, he likes to hack into his friends' Twitter accounts and post messages for fun (he evidently has some very patient pals), and he also enjoys pranks that could get him in trouble with the law -- last year the Biebs' bodyguard had to talk a Maryland state trooper out of arresting the trickster after he hit the officer with a water balloon. He later tweeted about the incident: "Still laughing. Great Day." (He probably wouldn't have been LOLing if he didn't have such a persuasive bodyguard.)

Earlier this year Justin took part in a slightly less naughty but rather noisy prank when he joined his manager Scooter Braun and "swagger coach" Ryan Good in crashing Willow Smith's performance of "Whip My Hair" during a concert. His older pals donned neon-colored weaves and danced with Willow onstage while the Biebs did his best to ruin her rhythm with a cowbell (he must be a fan of Christopher Walken's work).

As annoying as a cowbell with no cadence can be, Justin played a much more irritating prank on one of his pals. In honor of his friend Wilson Warren's birthday, the Biebs posted his bud's phone number on Twitter with the message, "Call me... I wanna talk to my fans." Warren was a good sport about it, but hopefully Justin bought him a new phone.

Apparently Justin really enjoys phone-related pranks -- last year during an appearance on "The Graham Norton Show," Miley Cyrus dished that Justin prank called her at 3:00 a.m. the night before the show pretending to be a little kid (according to Miley, he makes a pretty convincing one).

And since Justin is such a prankster, it's not that surprising that he took over the comedy website Funny or Die on April Fools' Day of last year, changing its name to "Bieber or Die" and plastering Bieber-related videos all over the site's homepage.

So what do you think of Justin's penchant for pranking -- are his high jinks hilarious, or does he need to grow up and put a stop to the silliness?

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