Madonna Engaged? What She Can Learn from Other Celebrity Cougars

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Pop icon Madonna.

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Pop icon Madonna.

Rumor has it that pop, fashion and movie diva Madonna has been proposed to by her 24-year-old boy toy Brahim Zaibat. Word is that the sexy dancer popped the question at a Kabbalah Center in New York City, and the twice-divorced singer has been considering her answer for weeks. With big age and religious differences in the mix, the 53-year-old Madonna has a lot to consider, and might learn a thing or two from other celebrity cougars who've hooked up with younger men.

Demi Moore

With rumored affairs, rapidly diminishing weight and emotional problems, Moore is considered by many to be the cautionary tale for May-December marriages. While trying to make a father out of a young man who's closer in age to your children is always a tricky prospect, we feel this tale of woe is more of a cautionary tale against marrying Ashton Kutcher. If the insinuations that the "Margin Call" actress is bisexual and the two practiced an open marriage are true, that adds a whole other host of possible reasons why the union didn't hold.

Cameron Diaz

Like her "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" costar Moore, Diaz had a long stint with a younger man that ended in a break-up. The leggy blonde's relationship with hottie Justin Timberlake didn't end in quite so much catastrophe, however, which probably has a lot to do with her attitude on marriage as an out-dated concept. Madonna might consider how well Diaz seems to be doing with her love, learn, live and love again attitude: "I just didn't ever marry anybody that I then had to get divorced from," she says serenely. "We break up. We move on."

Susan Sarandon

This vivacious redhead apparently lives by the same code as Diaz, and though she's been coy about it, has been persistently linked to her three-decades younger business partner, cutie Jonathan Bricklin. Though her lengthy cougar relationship with younger man Tim Robbins was committed enough to be considered a marriage, she hasn't seemed to have any problems with moving on, or with still being called a cougar. "No, I love that!" she declares, totally owning her love of younger dudes.

Jennifer Lopez

Lopez has handled her divorce well, happily making the choice so many divorced men do, by hooking up with a much younger, sexy dancer. The pop star is enjoying her renewed musical success and popularity as a new judge on "American Idol," and frolicking like a teenager with her boy toy Casper Smart. She's also not thinking about marriage, insisting the romance is "still fresh" and not ready for the big "I Do" moment.

We think it's wise that Madge is taking time to consider her feelings and options. From the tales of her fellow celebrity cougars, it looks like just enjoying the moment may be the way to go. What do you think, omg! readers? Should the "Material Girl" hold off on marriage or will the third time be the charm?

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