‘Mad Men’ Season 5 Finale: 5 Moments to Keep Us Hanging Until Season 6

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There was no Betty or Sally (and certainly no Lane Pryce!), but Sunday night's "Mad Men" finale did provide a few answers to our burning questions. Can the agency thrive after the suicide of one of its partners? Can Don Draper stay faithful to trophy wife Megan? And has Roger found clarity yet? Read on for the "Mad Men" Season 5 finale top moments!

Don Sees Dead People

It's only minutes unto the episode and already Don Draper (Jon Hamm) is seeing dead people. His tooth decay-fueled visions of deceased half-brother Adam are creepy ('It's not your tooth that's rotten," Adam tells him), but it's not all that surprising in the aftermath of partner Lane Pryce's suicide last week. Adam also hanged himself and he has the rope burns on his neck to prove it. And this episode is called "The Phantom," so don't act all shocked!

Peggy Returns!

We admit it, exec producer Matthew Weiner had us worried! In an interview last week with the Los Angeles Times, he said of the sudden exit of Elisabeth Moss's character: "Don and Peggy are family, but we really felt it was time for Peggy to go." And indeed, Peggy's job move to Cutler Gleason and Chaough could have been the end for her screen time. ("Mad Men" is famous for that.) So imagine our delight when Peggy was featured in the finale episode-- and one of the scenes was even set at her new place of employment!

Pete gets Pummeled

It couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Sure, Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) was trying to defend his new lady love, Beth, when he confronted her husband on the train and chastised him for trying to control her brain by sending her to the hospital for electroshock treatments. And his " I'm president of the Howdy Doody Circus Army!" was classic. Still, it was fun to see pesky Pete get beat.

Roger Goes on a Trip

After being enlightened by Megan's mom, Roger (John Slattery) decides to take LSD alone. It's only a fleeting scene, but he is naked. And smiling. And in front of a window. Hey, at least he's not tripping over the 1919 World Series.

Don Only Lives Twice

You can't teach an old Don new tricks. After a season of a seemingly-happy marriage to Megan (Jessica Pare), when it comes to making her really happy (as in handing her a role in a TV commercial), Don himself becomes very unhappy. Suddenly he is alone, at least as far as the pretty stranger in the bar knows. Yes Don, we know -- you only live twice!

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