What We Loved About the 'Bachelor' Finale with Sean Lowe

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What We Loved About the 'Bachelor' Finale with Sean Lowe

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After a few dud seasons with troubled "Bachelor" men like Matt Grant, Jake Pavelka, and Ben Flajnik, Sean Lowe has given us viewers one of the best seasons ever. Here's a look at what we loved about the "Bachelor" finale.

Lindsay Showed Some Personality

All season long, Lindsay Yenter has bored me to tears, but looking back, I wonder if it had more to do with the editing. During Emily's season, Sean seemed like such a snoozefest, but he surprisingly turned out to be on the of the best "Bachelors" we've ever had.

On the surface, Lindsay seems very similar to the squeaky-voiced perennial runner-up Tenley Molzahn, portrayed as the safe but dull paper match.

How symbolic was it that the stylists put Lindsay in a silver dress, and winner Catherine in gold?

But this week, she showed a surprising glimmer of personality when she jokingly asked the dad for Sean's hand in marriage. The audience also loved seeing her take off her uncomfortable silver heels after being dumped.

These are the little moments I would have loved to see more of this season, instead of all the 24/7 cliche talk about "same values" and "building a family." I get the sense that there were a lot of fun-filled moments that just didn't make it onto the show.

Lindsay Was a Classy & Mature Runner-Up

It's not often we see such a gracious exit, especially from someone who appears so young and fragile like Lindsay. If you really care about someone, then you would want him to be happy--even if it's not with you.

Lindsay actually seems to understand that relationships are about the journey as well as the destination. She wants all the right things in a relationship, someone who makes her feel beautiful and brings out the best in her.

Shows like "Bachelor" can often bring out the worst in people, but Lindsay used this as a chance to learn about herself and what she wants in a relationship.

Reflecting on her experience on the show, she summed it up by saying, "I've grown up so much!"

Sean's Breakup Speeches Are Refreshingly Genuine

When Jake was "Bachelor," I always had the feeling that everything he said was so scripted, and that he was always falling back on franchise cliches.

But Sean always came across as genuine and respectful during his breakups. With Lindsay, it really seemed like he was trying to put himself in her shoes and to give her the sense of closure that she needed.

What he said about "praying for clarity" really made sense. Some people are meant to be in your life for a long time. Some people are only meant to serve a purpose for a specific stage of your life.

Catherine is a Real Girl

So many of these contestants tend to come across as overly poised, overly coached, pageant cliches. But Catherine seems like a real girl, someone who isn't afraid to go out without makeup, can catch fish wish her bare hands, and played football in sixth grade.

She really comes across as intelligent and grounded, someone who can challenge him both intellectually and emotionally. I really like how she says that she can "be herself" when she's with Sean.

Sean's Dad is a Dream Father-in-Law

Sean's dad, Jay, seems like a real sweetheart. We loved what he said about how they've been praying for Sean's future wife since he was born.

Given Catherine's troubled history with her own father, we also loved that bonding moment between Jay and Catherine when he said that he would be her biggest fan and cheerleader, and how he would love her as his own daughter.

Sean & Catherine Seem Genuinely Committed to Making It Work

Despite their promise of an ABC-televised wedding, we don't know if Sean and Catherine are actually going to make it. Is this career-driven woman really going to be happy uprooting herself to Dallas? (Why does the girl always have to move to be with the guy?) Will this couple be able to beat the franchise's dismal track record?

I'm skeptical. Couples like Trista and Ryan, Jason and Molly, and Ashley and J.P. quietly went back to their private lives and careers after the show, and were able to have a relationship in the real world. Who knows what will happen once Sean appears on "Dancing With the Stars"? Even a nice guy can become corrupted by fame (Michael Stagliano, anyone?)

On the other hand, you can't help but to root for this couple. Their chemistry is undeniable. They can be goofy and silly with each other, but it also seems like they've had the serious conversations. As Sean said, they're not making definite plans, but whatever happens, they want to do it together.

The Next "Bachelorette" is Someone We Can Root For

Desiree Hartsock is the best choice as the next "Bachelorette," a much better choice than Lindsay (who seems a bit young and naive) and AshLee (who is way too intense). Des is fun-loving, and "open to the process" (to use the franchise cliche).

And she seems so sweet and genuine, that you can't help but root for her. She's also emotional enough to provide the viewers with a lot of laughs and a lot of tears.

Besides, we're looking forward to to the return of Thug Brother Nate. This will make for some very entertaining television. Maybe he and Ashley's sister, Chrystie, would make a suitable match.

Will Sean and Catherine make it in the real world? Was Lindsay a gracious and classy runner-up? Is Desiree the best choice as the next "Bachelorette"? Or will Thug Brother ruin her chances again? Was this best season of "Bachelor"?

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