Lourdes Leon Wishes Her Mom Would Ditch the Boy Toys: Alternative Dating Options for Madonna

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According to "sources", Lourdes Leon is fed up with her mother's baby-faced boyfriends. Madonna is known for bucking the system---doing things her own way, on her own terms. She doesn't like being told what to do, and certainly wouldn't let her own child dictate the intricacies of her celebrity love life. But at which point should she consider that her romantic choices might be having a negative impact on her offspring? To allege that Lourdes would prefer her mother to find a more age-appropriate mate is perhaps a slight understatement. But where the Material Mom is concerned, the word "appropriate" is pretty much a dirty word. Lourdes' discontent with Madge's boy toys is merely rumored . However, in the spirit of soothing the mind of Madonna's mini-me, here are some appealing romantic options should she ever decide to "date up" in age…

Viggo Mortensen

He's exactly Madonna's age, has an ex-wife who was a punk rock singer, and is more than just a little sexy. Few people realize that in addition to starring in dozens of films, he's also a painter and jazz musician. And on top of all that, there's something wild and rebellious behind those green eyes. A dalliance with Madonna just might make spicy headlines.

Naveen Andrews

Naveen Andrews is certainly no stranger to "cougar" relationships; he was involved with "Insidious" actress Barbara Hershey (more than two decades his senior) for about 10 years or so. He's had a fairly long and controversial career in Hollywood, and could be considered better step-dad material for Madge's teen fashion icon.

Gerard Butler

Even though the "300" star is at least a decade younger, he's both edgy (and hunky) enough to balance out the pop queen's sex appeal. He's also reported to be one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors, and an all-around nice guy.

Chris Isaak

This bluesy, rockabilly singer and the eternally youthful pop diva don't seem to have much in common. He's considerably less controversial than some of Madge's other guys. But there's something about those hangdog eyes and rugged good looks that gives Chris Isaak an understated edge that just might suit her fancy. And get this---he's actually two years older than she is.

John Stamos

Oh, the juiciness that would be this romantic mash-up. John is only a few years younger than the "Hung Up" singer and has still maintained a firm position on Hollywood's hotness scale. The fact that we don't hear too much about the "Full House" actor is perhaps a good thing, considering Madonna's penchant for privacy.

(Honorable Mention?): Sean Penn

Yeah, yeah yeah. That boat has sailed, you are thinking. And you'd probably be right. It was recently mentioned that Sean was the one that got away. The two had a tumultuous relationship. But somehow, they seem to be perfectly suited for one another. In light of Hollywood's famous break-ups and make-ups, this is one romantic re-match that would have tongues wagging for eons. Then again, maybe this one isn't such a great idea…

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