Lourdes Leon is a Mini Madonna and Other Surprising Celebrity Mother-Daughter Lookalikes

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Lourdes Leon is a Mini Madonna and Other Surprising Celebrity Mother-Daughter Lookalikes

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Though Us magazine is proclaiming Madonna's 15-year-old daughter Lourdes Leon is the carbon copy of her mother at 21, the most prominent feature the Super Bowl singer shares with the girl more commonly known as Lola is her famous "don't mess with me" facial expression.

Dubbing Lola "Madge's mini-me!" Us states, "her eyes, lashes and full lips making her a spitting image of Madonna's features in an old black and white photo from 1979."

More accurately, the pair project a defiant attitude and have the same eyes, nose and heart-shaped face. But Lola inherited fuller lips from her dad, Carlos Leon, and her complexion is decidedly darker.

Madonna and Lourdes also share a love of funky fashion. The mother and daughter duo borrow each other's clothes and conspire on the Material Girls Collection of clothing, shoes and accessories.

Thanks to the magic of DNA, many other celebrity daughters also channel their mothers.

Ava Phillippe is often called a mini version of Reese Witherspoon, and celebrity websites love to publish photos of the two towheads hanging out. Though technically a hybrid of the "Water for Elephants" actress and her ex, Ryan Phillippe, in this photo the teen-to-be fancies her fine-featured mom a tad more.

Model Kate Moss thinks her daughter is her ditto -- and not just in the looks department. "Oh, it's terrible, she's a mini-me. It's awful. She's so amazing but then sometimes I'm like, 'Oh my, it's like looking in the mirror," she said of Lila Grace Moss Hack, age 9. "She's like me in every way. She's very sensitive but also very grown up, just like I was."

Of her three daughters, Meryl Streep's oldest, Mamie Gummer, is the one who most resembles the revered actress. Perhaps not coincidentally, she is also the one who has made the biggest splash as a thespian in her own right, nabbing roles in both TV and the movies, as well as on the stage. Gummer looks a lot like her mom (both have the same knowing smile) and even played a younger version of Streep's character, Lila, in the movie "Evening."

One mother-daughter pair who are not often called out as clones is Kim Basinger and her daughter Ireland Baldwin. The product of a messy marriage between the former Bond girl and Alec Baldwin, Ireland is perhaps best known for her father calling her a "rude little pig" on a regrettable phone message. The sweet 16-year-old has inherited her mother's classic beauty and appears to have mended fences with her feisty father, whose 28-year-old fiance is young enough to be Ireland's older sister.

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