'Louie' to Take an Extended Hiatus - What Else Has Louis C.K. Been Up to Lately?

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Comedian Louis C.K. and FX announced this week that "Louie" will not return until 2014.

FX has in "Louie" a bonafide work of art. Created by comedian Louis C.K., the show is best described as a comedy, but its creator, who also happens to star in, write, direct and produce the show, doesn't feel beholden to just that genre. The show's third season wrapped up last month with a three episode arc that was equal parts comedy and drama with several nods to classic American cinema like "Rocky."

Fans of the show were saddened this week to find out that the show won't be back until 2014. But fear not, "Louie" fans! Apparently C.K. just wants to "feel hungry again." At least that's what he said in the conference call held earlier this week, announcing the show's delayed return. Anyone with Louis' hectic and full schedule would need a break, even if they weren't most of the creative force behind a critically acclaimed smash hit show. Here's what he's been up to lately, and you tell us if he's earned a bit of a respite.

He Changed The Way Comedy Specials Are Distributed - C.K.'s material regularly pushes the envelope with brutal and searing honesty. Last year though, the comedian challenged another accepted paradigm when it comes to how his work would be released to his fans. His special, "Live at The Beacon Theater" was sold directly to his fans from his website at a very low price. The business model has since been employed by other comedians like "Parks and Recreation" star Aziz Ansari.

He Won Two Emmy Awards - When we say that the critics love Louie, we should also point out that his peers do too. The folks who have a say in who takes home TV's top prize awarded him two trophies at the Primetime Emmy awards in September. Both awards were for writing, one for an episode of "Louie," and the other for his special.

He Worked With Another Icon Of Comedy - Louis might be understandably worn a bit thin given that in addition to the special and the third season of his show, he also was tapped to have a role in the next Woody Allen movie. The film, while still without a title, and no details of the plot available, marks a big milestone in Louis' career as an actor. Allen also had roles for Cate Blanchett and Alec Baldwin.

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