Look Like Jennifer -- for $141,037 a Year

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Look Like Jennifer -- for $141,037 a Year

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Look Like Jennifer -- for $141,037 a Year

Jennifer Aniston's looks are undeniably one of the most emulated in Hollywood. At 43 years old, Jen still looks better than most starlets half her age -- but just how much does that cost her?

Good genetics aside, ONTD broke down the cost of Jen's often talked-about beauty routine -- and it costs a whopping $143,037 ... per year.

So just what is she spending all this money on?

Jennifer Aniston's Fashion Rut

Besides two confirmed nose jobs for her "deviated septum" (the same affliction Ashlee Simpson and Ashley Tisdale are cursed with too I bet), some of her more extravagant splurges include haircuts from celebrity stylist Chris McMillan, the creator of the infamous "The Rachel." Though he owns a salon in Beverly Hills, haircuts from McMillan himself cost $600, and that's not including the upkeep of her signature beach blonde highlights. Jen's colorist Michael Canale's rates start at $320 a session, so a trip to the salon cost Jennifer at least $920 at the bare minimum -- and Jennifer is rumored to religiously go every six weeks.

Jennifer Aniston Reveals Her Beauty Must-Haves

Of course a central part of Jen's celebrated hotness comes from her toned physique, and she makes no secret of meeting with personal trainer/yoga guru Mandy Ingber for one-on-one sessions three times a week. Though Ingber's exact rates are unknown, trainers of her caliber usually charge $300 an hour -- totaling her fitness cost to $900 a week.

Jennifer Aniston Voted Hottest Woman Ever!

Jennifer's expenses go on and on but you get the idea -- it cost serious bank to look this "naturally" good. But hey -- it's her money. Think about that next time you go see Wanderlust 2 or whatever movie it is where she plays a variation of Rachel Green.

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