LL Cool J, Seth MacFarlane and Steve Carell Break Up the Chrysalis Butterfly Gala

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Three cool guys led the celebrity charge to help the homeless get jobs at the 11th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball on June 9, 2012, starting with "Family Guy" and "Ted" creator Seth MacFarlane acting as the glittery night's official host.

The bash was held on the large back lawn of a Mandeville Canyon estate in Brentwood, California, a place also known as the mansion that three classic television shows, "Soap," "Benson" and "The Golden Girls," built, for the creator of all three is Susan Harris, who is the owner. She offers it up every year for the Butterfly Ball, but might think twice in 2013 after MacFarlane skewered her abode in his opening jokes.

"The house looks like the house of people who get together to hunt homeless people for sport," he cracked.

But everyone who comes to the Chrysalis Ball knows that MacFarlane is one of the biggest advocates of the Chrysalis cause, and that he's always on hand for this party, always reaching into his own deep pockets to help people climb out of poverty. But they also know he's willing to say anything, which is half the fun of having him as host.

He went after the Hollywood starlets on hand for the lavish dinner, too, including Lea Michele, Jenna Dewan, Rachael Leigh Cook, Whitney Port, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Ashley Tisdale, Jennifer Carpenter and Whitney Cummings, joking that, "we've got a lot of actresses here tonight, so you'd better go to the bathroom soon, before the purging begins!"

All the pretty gals, and their dates, too, like Michele's "Glee" costar and boytoy Cory Monteith, seemed to think MacFarlane was pretty funny. And when night's the second cool guy, Steve Carell, followed him to the podium to give a special award to his "Date Night" director-producer Shawn Levy (who has also been the force behind "Real Steel," "Night at the Museum" and "The Pink Panther"), he got some laughs too, as he maligned the director's homeland.

"Shawn is from Canada, our creepy neighbor to the north," Carell chortled. "And he's an imp who is seemingly always amped up on a combination of Red Bull and Dr. Pepper."

Levy was excited that the Butterfly Ball raised more than $1.1 million toward the goal of getting homeless adults in Los Angeles jobs and a place to live, and so was the coolest guy of all, LL Cool J, who took home the final award of the night and capped it all off with a jacked-up performance as Foo Fighters founder Dave Grohl cheered him on from the front table.

Also in the mix was the ball co-chair Rebecca Gayheart-Dane and her heartthrob hubby Eric; Elijah Wood, Ryan Kwanten, Johnny Knoxville and "Sons of Anarchy" star Katey Sagal along with her real-life husband Kurt Sutter, who created that show just for her. Now that's one way to get a job!

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