Little Known Facts About Olivia Newton-John that May Surprise You

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Olivia still sings, too.

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Olivia still sings, too.

Olivia Newton-John has had one of the longest, most successful and most celebrated careers in music in the history of the world. She has an upcoming film, "A Few Best Men," which is scheduled to be released in 2012, and the singer performed at New York City's Gay Pride Event at Bondi Beach in June 2011. She's often kept a consistently busy schedule, delighting her fans for decades. Yet, how much do you really know about this iconic star? Here are some things that are lesser known about Olivia.

Where She's From:

Olivia is often associated with Australia with good reason, from the fact that the character of Sandy was rewritten to be an Australian because of her delightful accent to the fact that she's long been an enthusiast of all things Down Under. However, Olivia is actually from England. As she disclosed on her 1980 TV special, "Hollywood Nights," she was born in England. Before she was in kindergarten, however, her family moved to Australia, where she grew up. She still owns a home in Australia, visits often and is currently in the final stages of raising funds for a hospital and wellness center in the country. Both countries are proud to claim the star.

Business Savvy:

Most people associate Olivia with her iconic songs and modern classic films like "Grease" and "Xanadu." Yet, she has delved into business pursuits for many years. She recently revived Koala Blue, her company that produces "Australiana" products, with long-time business partner, Pat Farrar. In addition, she's made many business conference appearances with her husband, John Easterling, with his Amazon Herb Company. She also has been vocal about supporting some of the business ventures of friends, such as Be So Do So; Olivia wore one of the company's shirts on her "American Idol" appearance.

Olivia as an Author:

Many people don't realize that Olivia is also quite the writer. She released a children's book in the early 1990s and dedicated it to her daughter, Chloe, and her daughter's friend, Colette, who passed away from cancer in early childhood. She later penned an autobiography, but shelved it out of consideration for people in her life. In 2011, the singer released her first cookbook, "Livwise," and celebrated with a few book signings in Australia, as reported on her official website.

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