Lisa Lampanelli and Teresa Giudice Fired from 'Celebrity Apprentice'

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Lisa Lampanelli's big mouth finally got her fired from "The Celebrity Apprentice" Sunday night. Two of the five remaining contestants had to take that long elevator ride down to the limo waiting to start their journey home - Lisa and "Real Housewife" Teresa Giudice.

Teresa was project manager of the losing team (Unanimous) in the Chi Hairdryer challenge. The teams were asked to design a four page spread for "Elle Magazine" and present it to the client, Farouk Shami, founder of the Chi hair care line. Chi is launching a new super quiet, advanced hair dryer.

Teresa's a hard worker and a real team player, but she is shockingly inept at any type of performance task. Remember the muppets challenge where she was told that the number one rule of improvisation is to never deny anything that your fellow performers hit you with? She basically said "No" or "No Way" to every idea the other muppeteers introduced, creating a series of awkward lulls in the show.

Teresa, Aubrey O'Day and Arsenio Hall decided to split up the presentation. That was a huge mistake. Poor Teresa read from a card stuck 6 inches in front of her face, and still made several mistakes. It was like watching an elementary school play. You just hold your breath and hope they make it through. Her performance was mercifully brief.

The "lamb to the slaughter" feel of the presentation was a mere echo of her prior negotiation for models with Lisa. Both team leaders were given a sheaf of pictures from which to select four models for their photo shoots. The catch was they had to agree among themselves about who would get what model. Teresa forgot that she was dealing with a competitor, not a friend, and showed her hand up front. She walked right in and said, "We want these two."

Lisa and Clay Aiken didn't care which models they got, which put them in a position of power. Lisa decided to concentrate on thwarting Unanimous's plans. In the end Lisa made a chump of Teresa, but she came off as a mean spirited bully in the processes, and that hurt her in the boardroom.

After Teresa was fired Donald Trump summoned the four remaining contestants back to the board room, for a surprise, two more of them would be going home. After a round of interviews with last year's top two, runner up Marlee Matlin and winner John Rich, it was back to the boardroom for the final cuts.

The Donald drilled Lisa about her temper and emotionalism, and in the end her unprofessional behavior cost her a spot in the finale. So far my predictions from last week are ringing true. I still think Aubrey and Clay will be the final two, and Aubrey will win. We won't know for sure until next week, but the previews are telling. Aubrey and Lisa are shown working on the final challenge, as are fired challengers Teresa, Penn Jillette and Debbie Gibson.

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