Lisa D'Amato Injures Face in Freak Accident: Other Stars Who Have Hurt Themselves in Bizarre Ways

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Lisa D'Amato Injures Face in Freak Accident: Other Stars Who Have Hurt Themselves in Bizarre Ways

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Lisa D'amato

All we can say is OUCH!

"America's Next Top Model" alum Lisa D'Amato makes a living with her looks, but she recently put that living at risk after injuring her face in a freak accident. The winner of the all-star cycle of the reality modeling competition recently posted photos of her injuries from the accident which left her nose broken in several places and visible lacerations on her forehead, lips and chin.

The accident occurred after the aspiring actress wrapped up filming the independent movie, "Cowboys and Indians." The self-proclaimed tomboy was doing a handstand against a crew member when they both came crashing down. She landed on her face injuring her nose and the crew member landed on top of her adding to the extent of the injuries. After being taken to the emergency room, the model turned to a plastic surgeon to help repair the damage.

"I didn't have the best nose in the world to begin with," she tells People magazine. "It gave me character. Now I have a nice little nose job. I get a super cute nose."

With her dramatic injuries and apparent recovery, the model joins an elite group of stars to have weathered bizarre mishaps. Here are some of the stars who had their own odd accidents and lived to talk about it:

Reese Witherspoon: It all started out innocently enough with the Oscar winner setting out for her daily jog in Santa Monica, California. Things took a nasty turn when she began to cross a crosswalk and an oncoming driver failed to stop. The 84-year-old driver was driving at approximately 20 mph when she struck the actress causing minor injuries. The driver was cited for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk and Reese went away with a cut on her forehead.

Lily-Rose Depp: The daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis almost had her life cut short due to a rusty nail. Back in 2007, the then 7-year-old had the misfortune of stepping on a nail during a family stay at their French farmhouse. What would follow is the stuff of a parent's nightmare. She soon became ill with blood poisoning which spread to her vital organs. Thankfully Lily-Rose was able to fully recover from her illness.

Brad Pitt: He may have the body of a god, but the actor proved he was truly mortal on the set of "Troy" in 2004. While playing to role of the Greek warrior Achilles in the historic film, the star tore his Achilles tendon. Talk about a moment of life imitating art!

Hilary Swank: While filming the 2007 drama, "P.S. I Love You," the actress was injured when her co-star Gerard Butler's suspender came undone during a playful stripping scene. The Oscar winner had to get stitches on her forehead. Of the injury she says, "It came undone and flung across the room and hit me in the forehead... I had stitches. Blood is trickling down my head and it left the perfect suspender mark - you know, the jagged edge of a suspender and then the straight edge."

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