Lindsay Lohan's 'Liz & Dick' Ripped by Critics and Viewers - How Can She Get Her Career Back?

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Does Lindsay just need to be left alone for a bit?

Lindsay Lohan's life story may very well end up being a movie one day. If so, the period of her life spanning from her multiple legal battles, a pictorial in Playboy, and now her performance in the Lifetime movie about Elizabeth Taylor, "Liz & Dick," will probably be the most riveting, and hard to watch segments of LiLo's life. Though according to social media and critics, perhaps not as hard to watch as Lohan's actual performance in the film.

Viewers, both of the celebrity and non-celebrity varieties, lambasted the "Mean Girls" star's performance on Twitter and Facebook over the weekend. Singer Aimee Mann's tweet pretty much sums up the "buzz" on the film and Lindsay's performance in her tweet, "@aimeemann: I get the feeling the phrase "It is what it is" was said a lot in the editing room." The former Disney star may have been hoping for a career rebound from "Liz & Dick," but judging from the reactions, that may just not be in the cards.

So what can Lindsay do to get her career back on track?

Write a Book - Okay, so Lindsay's tried a nude pictorial, and she's tried a high-profile starring role in a biopic about one of the biggest stars in showbiz history, and has had decidedly mixed results. Maybe it's time to tell her story in her own words and maybe that will garner the sympathy from her fans and the public at large she needs to truly get back on her feet. Drew Barrymore wrote "Little Girl Lost" when she was still a teenager and many credit that book with helping to put Drew back on the map and moving in the right direction. A truly honest account of her trials and tribulations could create a genuine interest in her recovery and career rebound.

Do Some Reality TV - Maybe for someone who once was one of Hollywood's brightest new stars, hosting a reality TV show of some kind might be a step backward or a blow to the ego. If TV viewers see Lindsay in a favorable light, it can drive interest in her work and get people to the box office again, confident that they'll like what the see from her work. Maybe even a reality show about her life, like that of "The Osbournes" or "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," would give the public a sympathetic view of Lindsay's struggles to recover, again allow for some to invest in her comeback.

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