Lindsay Lohan's Jail Time: Just Words?

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Lindsay Lohan

Once again, for the hundredth time, Lindsay Lohan is back in the spotlight. And once again, it's not in a good way. The 25-year-old troubled actress heads back to jail for 30 days for probation violation.

But not really. Due to overcrowding, she'll probably do no more than 6 days and likely even less than that.

A good thing? According to former child actor and bad boy adult Danny Bonaduce, no.

"Rehabs," Bonaduce said back in 2010, "have a national record of a 96 percent failure record. If you want her off drugs for real, handcuff her and -- it's very difficult to do drugs with your hands chained behind your back. Let's stop playing around with these kids. If you don't want the kid to die, put her in jail with her hands tied behind her back. Everybody says there's all these drugs in jail -- and there are drugs in jail -- but believe me, they're not real easy to come by, especially if you're Lindsay Lohan."

Although this is the "Mean Girl" star's fifth jail sentence, it's all amounted to nothing but words when you look at her history.

Two of the major episodes happened last year. In July of 2010, the "Machete" actress was sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating the terms of her probation. Shocked by the news, she cried in court. However, less than 25 days in jail, the actress was ordered to rehab. But she didn't stay the typical 90 days. Her total time served, including rehab, was only 23 days.

In September of 2010, when, as expected, Lohan violated her probation by testing positive for substances, she was sent to jail. However, she posted $300,000 bond and was released. Immediately after that, Lindsay checked herself into Betty Ford and most hoped she would finally get better. But that was before the $2,500 necklace theft, photos of bad teeth and community service in the county morgue.

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