Lindsay Lohan's Club Meltdown & Her Other Public Temper Tantrums

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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is back to her old ways again. The 25-year-old actress made a big scene last week at Bootsy Bellows in Hollywood when she spotted reality star - and Clint Eastwood's daughter - Francesca Eastwood there celebrating her birthday.

"Francesca was celebrating her birthday with around a dozen friends in a private area when Lindsay came over and started screaming that Francesca should leave," an onlooker told US Weekly. "She was yelling, 'I'm a star, she's a nobody, get her out of here!'"

Security came and diffused the situation and told Lohan to leave the club. Eastwood and her boyfriend, photographer Tyler Shields, said they were confused about the whole thing.

"Suddenly, there was a burst of chaos, and as quickly as it started, it was over. After the fact, we were all a bit confused about what just happened," Shields told E! Online, with Eastwood adding that she wasn't sure what caused the outburst.

"Regardless, I still had an amazing birthday, and 'Parent Trap' is still my favorite movie," the blonde reality star said.

We kind of feel like there's more to the situation that we're not hearing, but it's not exactly the first time Lohan has had a meltdown in public.

New York Fashion Week Meltdown

Hurricane Lindsay blew into New York Fashion Week in September 2011 - and she made quite the impression. First, the "Liz & Dick" actress made a huge scene at the Cynthia Rowley show. Then, she made an even bigger scene at the V Magazine Black and White Ball at The Standard Hotel.

Apparently Lohan didn't like a photographer taking her photo, so she up and threw a glass at him. Except it hit a poor cocktail server instead of the photographer.

"Wow. Lindsay Lohan is as trashy as they always say. She threw drinks and glasses to me as we tried to take a shot for @vmagazine. C.*.*.t," V Magazine photographer Jasper Rischen - the target of the glass - tweeted soon afterward.

Airport Tantrum

Lohan's antics have been going on for years - just ask the numerous judges assigned to cover her various cases. However, her 2009 airport meltdown was pretty epic. The actress was denied a first class seat on a flight from Tampa, Fla. because of overcrowding. Apparently, she thought it was a life-or-death situation.

"You'd better come and visit me back there in case I die," she told the friend going to first class.

Shopping Disaster

Lohan's been known to take things that aren't hers - remember her necklace stealing incident? Well, it comes from her sense of entitlement. Case in point: The actress was paid $500 in November 2009 to appear at Pascal Mouawad's special watch collection launch at Kitson in Los Angeles. However, she managed to get that $500 pushed up to $1,000.

Then she went shopping. Ultimately, she picked out $15,000 worth of merchandise and tried to get away with it all.

"Pascal said no, so she went and started talking smack about him to Jermaine Dupri who doesn't even know her," an insider told Fox's Pop Tarts. "He was totally bewildered and couldn't believe it. Eventually Pascal said she could have $2000 to spend but that was the absolutely limit."

Lindsay Lohan: Brat, or just misunderstood?

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