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'Teen Mom' Farrah Said She Wasn't Drunk, Just Sick -- Other Celeb DUI Excuses

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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan might be in some big trouble this week when she goes back to court. The troubled actress was sentenced to serve 360 hours of community service stemming from her 2007 DUI arrest. She's scheduled for a progress hearing this week, but she won't have good news to tell.

Lohan, 25, was reportedly fired from L.A.'s Downtown Women's Center after showing a less-than-positive work ethic. She was reassigned to the American Red Cross, though she's served far less time than she's supposed to by this point, according to TMZ.

The gossip website also reported that Lohan could be sentenced to over a year in jail when she heads back to court this week.

However, Lohan took to Twitter with a denial.

"I am not to be made an example of anymore. I am working hard and fulfilling my obligations every single day, to the court as well as myself. If I travel, its for work and its been approved. As is anything I do when I leave the state. I'd appreciate it if people will just let me do what is asked of me, so that I can get my life back. Please ignore the reports which have no truth to them. Thank you," she wrote.

The actress' looks were also the subject of much debate after she showed up at the premiere of THQ's "Saints Row: The Third" with yellowed and chipped teeth and stained palms. She also had a reason for that.

"Sorry for painting a stick on nail for the sake of glamour... That's what was on my hand - people are insane," she tweeted. "It was #essie nail polish!"

It seems that Lohan always has an excuse or reason for everything, no matter how contradicting it seems.

Sticking Up for Sister

Like any good older sibling, Lohan stuck up for baby sister Ali Lohan when photos of a stick-thin Ali raised questions of eating disorders and plastic surgery.

"No way! Never!" Lohan told GossipCop of the plastic surgery rumors. She added more on Twitter.

"I love how haters pick on my sister yet every runway model is just as thin! My sister is gorgeous and I'm so proud of her and her career!!!!"

Can't Afford Private Counseling

Lohan's judge was less-than-thrilled with her in July when she showed up to court complaining that she cannot afford therapy or medical insurance.

Lohan's attorney told Judge Stephanie Sautner that her Screen Actor's Guild coverage had lapsed due to non-work and she has "financial issues" that ket her from going to the court-mandated counseling.

"Ms Lohan cannot be in group therapy because of the publicity it would attract and the paparazzi," her attorney said. "She was seeing someone for psychological treatment at UCLA but had to stop for financial reasons."

However, Lohan wore $1,195 Christian Louboutin Madame Butterfly booties to the court date.

"If she doesn't have the means [to pay for it], she's got to find someone to help her out," the judge said.

Wonder if Judge Sautner will be as accommodating this time?

Do you think Lindsay Lohan will go to jail?

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