Lindsay Lohan and Woody Allen's Dinner Meeting in NYC -- Why He Should Cast Her in His Next Film

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Over the weekend, legendary writer and director Woody Allen sat down for dinner in New York City with a young actress. What makes this story interesting is that the young actress in question is none other than Lindsay Lohan. Fresh off confirmation that LiLo will indeed by playing another Tinseltown legend Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming Lifetime film, she took a dinner meeting with Allen, who just won an Oscar in February for his last film "Midnight in Paris."

Though neither Woody nor Lindsay answered any questions as they left the eatery, apparently a source close to the two says that they've been friends for years. Why would this pairing be so cordial with each other? Apparently Allen never criticized Lohan during her recent legal and personal troubles, the source saying Lohan appreciated Allen "never jumping on the judgment bandwagon." With Lindsay trying to reboot her career, perhaps she and Woody were talking details of a role in Allen's next film, and we certainly hope that's the case.

The two could possibly make a good team working together, and here are a few reasons why.

Both Have Faced Very Public Scandal - Woody's marriage to his wife caused a major upheaval since it was a woman much younger than him, who had been the adopted daughter of his ex-girlfriend Mia Farrow. The public outcry was harsh, and Allen's reputation has never been the same since. Lindsay of course is just now pulling herself out of the wreckage that was her career since her 2007 DUI arrest that started the avalanche of bad press that nearly buried her. Allen could take a paternal and directorial role with Lindsay, perhaps guiding her back onto an upward career trajectory.

Both Are Still Tremendously Talented - As we mentioned before, Woody just won a Best Original Screenplay Oscar this past Februrary. Lindsay would not have been offered, let alone given the part of Liz in the Lifetime movie if the producers didn't at least think she could pull it off. All this time, the biggest knock on Lindsay has not been her talent, but rather her work ethic. If Woody can find a way to curb those behaviors that make LiLo a handful on set, it could be quite a pairing.

It Could Be Just What Lindsay Needs - The kind of talent that Lindsay showed early in her career, before the downward spiral, is not something that just vanishes. What she needs though is a career makeover. She needs Hollywood to see that she can do good work, and that she can work professionally. Getting the seal of approval from one of a highly respected auteur would likely be just the lift she needs, and Allen could get a lot of credit for helping put her train back on the tracks.

What do you think about the possibility of Woody and Lindsay working together? Leave us a comment!

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