Lindsay Lohan Vs Tila Tequila: Boxing 911!

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When Lindsay Lohan appeared in court a couple of days ago, her look was a battle between her chic white Fendi dress of innocence vs. the dark, chalky, theatrical makeup that made her guilty of a fashion faux pas to say the least.

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When Lindsay Lohan appeared in court a couple of days ago, her look was a battle between her chic white …

Lindsay Lohan has had quite a year. Between her repeated trips to court, house arrest and now a community service assignment at the morgue, whatever LiLo fans there are left might say that the girl deserves a break. One person, at least, is hoping that the break may include a possible broken nose. Tila Tequila is challenging Linds to a boxing match. You remember Tila don't you? The MTV MySpace chick?

At any rate Tila is throwing her hands in the air and saying, Lindsay, grab your gloves! This is no backyard street brawl either. Tila wants to duke it out with Lindsay in a real boxing ring. Earlier this year, La Lohan was offered one million dollars to fight with Paris Hilton. Damon Feldman of the Hollywood Boxing Federation even said that he would donate proceeds from the Hollywood Bad Girl Brawl Heard 'Round The World to charities to help addicts and girls.

So what do you think? Should Tila and the former child star square off? Let's see how they match up.

Lindsay vs. Tila Round One: Music

Both Tila and Lindsay have fashioned themselves as singers. On the now stagnant "Lindsay Lohan Music" website you can still find evidence that there was a time where she tried to give it a serious go. LL's discography includes the 2004 album "Speak" and then 2005's "A Little More Personal." Can the "Herbie: Fully Loaded" star really sing? You'll have to judge for yourself.

Tila's music made her the most followed woman in social media at one point. Well, the Madonna of MySpace also had plenty of near nude pics to entice fans. The discography of the Maxim model includes 2007's "Sex" and "Stripper Friends." We're not sure that Miss Tila was aiming for any critical success but her supporters called "The Tila Army" seemed to like it.

We'll give this round to Lindsay.

Lindsay vs. Tila Round Two: Fashion

Tequila's fashion choices can probably best be characterized as barely there. Her hardcover book, "Hooking Up with Tila Tequila: A Guide to Love, Fame, Happiness, Success, and Being the Life of the Party" contained a photo section of her modeling pics. In many of these shots she was wearing a bikini and/or lingerie. We're guessing that she's of the "if you got it flaunt it" school of fashion.

Lindsay, on the other hand, has been dressing mostly to impress a judge so we forget what she'd look like left to her own devices. Her court duds have included Fendi and Chanel. Linds and her mom Dina Lohan recently attended Kim Kardsahian's "Fairytale Wedding" wearing white. We would peg this a no-no but then the bride invited guests to all wear black or white. Right now, Lindsay is reportedly shooting a nude pictorial for Playboy Magazine. Not much in "high fashion" there.

Love it or hate it, at least Tila's got her own style. We give this round to Tila.

Lindsay vs. Tila Round Three: Bad Girl Status

Lindsay has enough mugshots to get a deck of trading cards going. Tila has a lot of mouth. We don't find anything cute about being a bad girl of this nature so we'll call it a draw and see how it all plays out. We were going to have a category called acting career but who are we fooling? Both the movie "Mean Girls" and the MTV reality competition "Hooking Up With Tila Tequila" were a long time ago.

Should the epic battle of Tila vs. Lindsay ever take place, who would you want to win?

Are you Team Tila or Team Lohan?

Sound off!

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