Lindsay Lohan Runs From Rehab, Stirs up Trouble With Tara Reid

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Lindsay Lohan Runs From Rehab, Stirs up Trouble With Tara Reid

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Lindsay Lohan just can't stay out of trouble.

On May 2, her attorney, Mark Heller, told L.A. Superior Court Judge James Dabne that the starlet was currently checked into her court mandated rehab, when in reality she was headed back to New York. She spent mere minutes at Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach, California, before making a run for it.

According to reports, she said, "I'm not going to rehab. I'm not going to rehab. Take me back to the airport." Deputy Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White explained, "If there's credible confirmation she's heading back to New York, then I'm going to have to go in and ask the court to issue a warrant." Other than dodging rehab, what else has she been up to?

Packing Too Much for Rehab

While packing for her 90-day stint in rehab, LiLo posted a photo to Instagram of herself sitting on the floor surrounded by a barrage of outfits. The caption accompanying the picture read "90 days and 270 looks." Considering she dodged rehab, it seems like all that packing was for naught.

Tara Reid Comments

Party girl Tara Reid opened up to TMZ about Lindsay and wasn't exactly her biggest cheerleader. The "American Pie" actress stated, "We don't really like each other that much. If I get drunk, I'm a happy drunk. When she gets drunk, she's just mean." She went on to say, "She's so paranoid, she takes her drink, anytime she thinks someone has a camera phone on, [she] drops it in the ice bucket." As if that wasn't bad enough, she continued, "She crashed one of my friend's [cars]. I asked him, 'Why do you let her do this?' He was like, 'I don't know.' I just don't think people should get away with that much."

"The Hangover" Role That Never Was

Turns out the troubled "Mean Girls" actress was considered for a role in "The Hangover" series, but didn't make the cut. Director Todd Phillips stated, "I did meet with Lindsay Lohan a little bit [before casting Graham], and we talked. Honestly, it felt like she ended up being too young for what we were talking about. People love to attack her for everything, like: 'Ha, she didn't see how great 'The Hangover' was going to be. She turned it down.' She didn't turn it down. She loved the script, actually. It really was an age thing." Had the then 22-year-old been cast in the movie, she would have played stripper Jade. The newest film in the series, "Hangover 3," hits theaters on May 24. The movies are considered the most successful R-rated comedy series.

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