Lindsay Lohan and Other Famous Celebs Who Had to Serve Community Service

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Lindsay Lohan's mugshot from her 2007 arrest.

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Lindsay Lohan's mugshot from her 2007 arrest.

Oh boy, Lindsay! The once promising career of actress Lindsay Lohan took another big hit in court yesterday when she was cuffed and hauled away. The judge in LiLo's case took exception to the "Mean Girls" star being booted out of the work program she was assigned to, and ordered her probation cut short. A hearing has been set for November to determine if the woman who was one one of Hollywood's premier young actresses should be sent to prison to do real, hard time.

Lindsay isn't the first celebrity to be told to "work it off." Many times celebrity lawyers are able to get sentences reduced to fines and community service. Here's a short list of a few other celebrities that were forced by the court to do give a little back.

Snoop Dogg - In 2007, Snoop parked his car where he shouldn't have at an airport. Then, through a series of events he wound up being brought up on some gun and drugs charges. The rap icon was able to work out 800 hours of community service coaching a youth football team rather than spend any time behind bars.

Bobcat Goldthwait - No, he wasn't sentenced for his voice. The "Police Academy" actor and comedian was given community service for an incident in which he set fire to the set of "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno." Any fan of comedy would've wanted to give Bobcat a medal, but the court ordered him instead to create a few PSAs.

Naomi Campbell - Repeat after me: "Do not ever make Naomi Campbell mad." The supermodel's temper is legendary, and in 2007 after she chucked her cell phone at a hotel maid, that hot temper landed her in hot water with the courts. Her sentence was to clean a Department of Sanitation building for five days. No word on whether it helped Campbell clean up her act.

Chris Brown - The whole entertainment world was shocked when news broke of the vicious beating singer Christ Brown gave to his then girlfriend, fellow R&B wunderkind Rihanna. Brown was sentenced to 1,400 hours of community service and was given a five years of probation. He also had to do a year of domestic violence courses.

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