Lindsay Lohan and Other Celebrities with the Worst Playboy Covers

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Squeaky clean Jessica Alba was none too thrilled when Playboy put her mug on its cover.

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Squeaky clean Jessica Alba was none too thrilled when Playboy put her mug on its cover.

Lindsay Lohan's Playboy cover might look just a little bit familiar - not too long ago cartoon character Marge Simpson struck a similar pose in a similar chair shaped like the Playboy bunny logo.

Both poses are tributes to a 1971 issue of the magazine featuring the first black Playboy model to pose on the cover by herself. So while it's nice that Lindsay didn't do the expected by emulating Marilyn Monroe for her cover shot, it's obvious that the gentlemen's mag is running out of fresh ideas.

Lindsay's leaked cover is rather loud and tacky with a red chair, a red curtain back drop, and her bright red clownish lips. The way she poses straddling the chair with its bunny ears covering up her breasts also looks vulgar rather than tasteful and iconic like the 1971 cover.

However, she doesn't have the worst celebrity Playboy cover. Here's a look back at some of the other stars whose covers left a lot to be desired (even though her cover was creepy, we'll give Marge a break since she's aged so well over the years):

Heidi Montag

Before she vanished from the tabloids the way we wish Kim Kardashian would, this reality show starlet posed for one of the worst Playboy covers ever. In her 2009 cover photo, the living Barbie is shown standing in a shower wearing a white bikini. She's covered with mud, and it looks like someone drew the Playboy bunny logo on her stomach with their finger (maybe they should have written "wash me" instead). Unfortunately the bad photo just made it look like Heidi was really bad at applying self tanner.

LaToya Jackson

Earlier this year LaToya claimed that her ex-husband forced her to pose for Playboy back in 1989, but we really wish he wouldn't have. LaToya's cover would be okay if it weren't for one thing - whoever did her hair and makeup made her look just like Michael Jackson.

Denise Richards

In honor of Christmas, we'll include this festive cover featuring Charlie Sheen's ex. Denise is a very beautiful woman, but her usually alluring eyes look just a little bit crazy and creepy in her December 2004 cover photo. She's decorated with rhinestones like a gaudy "Jersey Shore" Christmas tree, and she's wearing these awful ornament-shaped earrings. As lovely as Denise is, we just don't agree with using her as a living Christmas decoration to set out on the front lawn of the Playboy mansion.

Crystal Harris

This "Girls Next Door" star snags a spot on this list because of the gigantic sticker that got slapped on her Playboy cover. Earlier this year Crystal changed her mind about walking down the aisle with Hef, but it was too late for Playboy to remove the photo of "Mrs. Crystal Hefner" from the cover of its July issue. The photo was bad enough as it was - Crystal was wearing Hef's boat captain hat and pretending to smoke his pipe, and she posed with a creepy-looking dog that looked like the work of a taxidermist (or someone with bad Photoshop skills). However, to try to completely ruin her image on the cover, Hef had a giant red sticker with the words "RUNAWAY BRIDE IN THIS ISSUE!" placed in the middle of her photo. Still, Crystal got away with cutting and running after snagging her cover.

Jessica Alba

You're probably wondering how a beauty like Jess could have one of the worst Playboy covers of all time. Well, here's the deal: she actually looked amazing in a bikini on the cover of the March 2006 issue. However, Playboy did not have permission to use the bikini photo - it was a promotional image from her movie "Into the Blue." The actress even threatened to sue the mag for ruining her squeaky-clean image by making it seem as though she appeared in a nude or semi-nude pictorial (a lot of guys probably were very disappointed with that issue).

So while Lindsay's cover is pretty awful, it's not the worst celebrity cover Playboy has ever done. It's just a shame that Hef didn't go for laughs by having Lindsay pose in jail or in a morgue for the cover (now that mag would have been a best seller).

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