Lindsay Lohan and Michael Lohan: Like Father, Like Daughter?

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It is no secret that Lindsay Lohan has had more than her fair share of troubles, and much, if not most of this controversy surrounding her is self-induced. Once a beloved child star, this drama queen is more popular for her arrest record, problems with alcohol, and her troubled relationship with estranged father, Michael Lohan, than any of her starring roles in movies. The celebrity troublemaker seems to create mess after mess for herself. The Hollywood scene and former fans are over her and over the drama that she causes. Whatever happened to the golden days when she played twins in "The Parent Trap?" Who knows, but thank god there are not really two of her in real life!

Just as the antics of this star were getting old, her father appeared in the spotlight in, "Celebrity Rehab 5", on VH1 with Dr. Drew. "Celeb Rehab" chronicles the lives of the famous and the questionably famous (i.e. reality stars) addicts. Problems such as drinking, drugs, and sex are examined and discussed.

Along with the chaos of addiction often comes family drama. In one episode of the show, Mr. Lohan blames himself for the way that his has daughter turned out. After all, as Dr. Drew explains, "addiction is a gene." Linds's grandfather was an alcoholic, her father has drug and alcohol problems, and now she is struggling as well. It is sad to see a cycle that repeats itself over and over again.

One thing that both father and daughter seem to have in common is that they are/were involved in fast-paced and demanding lifestyles, one as an actress and one at the mercy of Wall Street. Both are very consuming and risky environments for someone who is at the risk of developing a severe addiction problem. A lot of partying and a lot of social climbing/business promotions are involved where drugs are alcohol are aplenty.

Despite the father's confessions, his eldest daughter and him do not have a close relationship (if any). I highly doubt that she will pop in and make space in her hectic schedule of constant rehab stints to try and "patch things up" with daddy.

It will be interesting to watch the father of this epic celeb mess work out his issues on reality television. It might even help viewers gain better insight as to how Lindsay became who she is today.

Do you watch "Celebrity Rehab?" Will you be tuning in this season? What do you think about the chain of addiction in this family? Are you over Lindsay and her mess?

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