Lindsay Lohan Looking for Richard Burton: Who Could Star Opposite Her

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As Lindsay Lohan prepares to play screen legend Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming biopic, speculation has grown about which actor will play Richard Burton. In the movie "Liz and Dick," the role of Taylor's two-time ex-husband is going to be a big one, and apparently LiLo is not happy with the current choices. "Lindsay declared that none of the actors were the right fit and that she wanted to go to London to look for a possible Burton actor there," said a source close to the production. Actors such as Robert Young, Sean Maguire, and Matthew Settle were reportedly among the choices that didn't impress the actress. So what actors would be a good fit for the role? Here is a look at some potential male leads that might meet Lindsay's lofty standards.

Gerard Butler

Like Burton, the "Law Abiding Citizen" star hails from the United Kingdom. In addition, Burton and Taylor had a seven-year age gap between them, meaning that casting the older Butler wouldn't seem so creepy. Coming off of a rehab stint of his own, this might be the perfect match for the actress as she seeks redemption. These two might actually be able to capture the heated relationship between the two legendary actors.

Clive Owen

As one of the most charming actors out there, Owen would be the perfect choice to play Burton. As is the case with Butler, the age difference wouldn't be an issue given the two characters in the movie. On top of that, Owen is an accomplished performer that can carry both light and heavy material. If he were to join this project, it would generate a lot of buzz for everyone involved. Obviously, positive buzz is just what Lindsay needs right now.

Daniel Craig

Could James Bond really line up opposite LiLo in a movie? It wouldn't be as shocking as you might think. Aside from the hair color, Craig actually has a similar look to Burton and that is always a plus for a biopic. With a string of recent hits and another Bond film on the way, his star power is through the roof right now. There is little chance that Lindsay would have any issues sharing the screen with this popular actor.

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