Lindsay Lohan Hurt by 'Liz & Dick' Reaction: What Some Celebs Have Said on Twitter

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Lindsay Lohan Hurt by 'Liz & Dick' Reaction: What Some Celebs Have Said on Twitter

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Lindsay Lohan likely isn't thrilled by the criticism of her new movie.

Lindsay Lohan's highly anticipated movie "Liz & Dick" premiered on Lifetime, and it's safe to say that it will do very little for her career. Advanced screenings had already drawn the wrath of critics, and things didn't go any better after the movie was available for all to see. Sadly, some reports are suggesting that the actress is devastated after reading the reviews. "Lindsay has already read her own press," said one source. "She knew the script wasn't strong but thought she would bring the role of Elizabeth to life. This is particularly heartbreaking as her acting was the only thing in her life that she knew was real. Now she is doubting that, too." As it turns out, Lindsay's peers in the celebrity community haven't been any kinder than the critics. Here is a look at what a few notable celebs have had to say about her performance.

Joan Rivers

The red carpet queen clearly wasn't impressed with the way Lindsay portrayed the legendary Elizabeth Taylor. After watching the movie, Joan tweeted "Lindsay Lohan's probation will be revoked because she lied to police. The same goes for her SAG card after playing Elizabeth Taylor." Hopefully Lindsay finds a way to land a big movie role soon. The potential showdown between the two women on the red carpet would be priceless.

Aimee Mann

The 52-year-old singer didn't even think that the filmmakers were impressed with the final version of "Liz & Dick." She tweeted, "I get the feeling the phrase 'It is what it is' was said a lot in the editing room. #lizanddick." Despite her career in music, Aimee knows a thing or two about the movie business. Not only has she worked on some notable movie soundtracks, but she is also the sister-in-law of Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn.

Patton Oswalt

The funnyman had more fun tweeting about "Liz & Dick" than he did watching it. The "King of Queens" actor posted more than a dozen tweets that poked fun at the movie, including one that expressed his gratitude for a commercial break. He wrote, "Thank you, #LizandDick, for making this Pampers commercial the equivalent of a 'palate cleanser.'" The comedian also saved some ammo for Lindsay herself. "'Wow, that's a scratchy voice.' -- Keith Richards, watching LIZ & DICK. #lizanddick," read one of his funnier posts.

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