Lindsay Lohan to Guest Star on 'Anger Management' and Five of the Best TV Cameos

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Lindsay Lohan to Guest Star on 'Anger Management' and Five of the Best TV Cameos

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Charlie Sheen's trying to help Lindsay Lohan out again, as reports surfaced that she will be guest starring in an episode of his show "Anger Management" playing herself. This will be Lohan's first foray into television since her disastrous portrayal of screen legend Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie, "Liz and Dick." People probably aren't all that interested in seeing her act any time soon.

But sometimes a TV cameo can be a great way to revive a struggling career. Let's take a look at some of the best TV cameos of all time.

Britney Spears - "How I Met Your Mother"

Spears is no master thespian by any means, but her cameo as "Abby" on the CBS hit sitcom helped her establish a comeback after her very public meltdown back in 2008. She wound up making two appearances on the show, which showed she was well on her way to recovery. Soon she was making music, touring, and putting her career back on track.

Matt Damon - "House of Lies"

It's always funny when celebrities spoof themselves, but Matt definitely took it to a whole new level when he guest starred on this season's "House of Lies" on Showtime. Bad language, and even worse behavior set the tone for an even more shocking ending to his guest starring role. Good thing it was on cable.

Adam West - "Family Guy"

West has made cameos an art-form by using them to extend his career decades after the original "Batman" stopped filming and he hung up his tights for good. Now as the hilarious mayor of Quahog, West manages to say some of the most outrageous things in his dry, superhero voice.

Wayne Brady - "Chapelle's Show"

This guest starring role will probably go down as one of the most hilarious spoofs ever. Poking fun at his squeaky-clean, every housewife in America loves him image, Brady took over "Chapelle's Show" in a night of drugs, prostitutes, and crime. It was completely unexpected and hilarious.

Johnny Depp - "Spongebob Squarepants"

Captain Jack guest starred on the kid's favorite, Spongebob Squarepants, as Jack Kahuna Laguna. It wasn't a highly promoted or credited role. It was one of those moments when you're watching with your kids and you think that voice sounds like it could be Johnny, then you look at the credits, and it was Depp!

Do you think Lindsay has what it takes to make the best-of cameo list with her appearance on "Anger Management" this season?

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