Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor: Other Former Child Stars in Lifetime Movies

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Elizabeth Taylor in her younger years.

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Elizabeth Taylor in her younger years.

Lindsay Lohan might go from posing nude as Marilyn Monroe in Playboy to playing Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie "Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story." She's currently just in talks to play the diamond-love dame, but this has to be absolutely killing Kim Kardashian. Lindsay hasn't had the same success as an adult actress that Liz did, but she does share a child star past with the "National Velvet" actress.

And Linds isn't the first former child star to be cast in a Lifetime movie. Here's a look back at a few other actresses who once had to resort to doing TV movies on the network:

Jennifer Love Hewitt

This brunette beauty began her career like many child actresses of today - on a Disney show. But the former star of "Kids Inc." grew up on "Party of Five" before leaving her Disney days far behind on Lifetime. After her show "The Ghost Whisperer" was cancelled, she went on to play a Texas housewife who works at a spa offering some very special services in "The Client List." The Lifetime movie, based on the true story of a prostitution ring, proved to be so popular that it's going to be turned into a TV series. And here's a fun fact: she's also played a beloved actress in a made-for-TV movie - Jen starred as Audrey Hepburn in the film "The Audrey Hepburn Story."

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten has had the kind of career that Lohan can only dream of - as a child actress she scored parts in "Interview with the Vampire" and "Jumanji" before landing roles as an adult in "Spider-Man" and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." But in the middle of her transition from child star to serious adult actress, she showed off her unrefined acting skills in the 1998 Lifetime movie "Fifteen and Pregnant," which was silly but certainly ahead of its time (teen pregnancy wouldn't really become trendy until Bristol Palin, "Juno," and MTV's "16 and Pregnant" entered the pop culture scene). Luckily Kirsten has come a long way since her Lifetime days - she's recently been getting lots of critical acclaim for her role in "Melancholia."

LeAnn Rimes

Rimes was a child star of a different kind - as a cute teen crooner with cherubic cheeks, she charmed country music lovers with her Pasty Cline-esque song "Blue." It's hard to imagine how shocked her fans then would be to see what she's done with her life since - she and her "Northern Lights" costar Eddie Cibrian fell in love on the set of their Lifetime movie, cheating on their respective spouses before both getting divorces and tying the knot (their romance almost sounds like the plot of another Lifetime movie).

So while starring in a Lifetime movie might be looked down upon by some, it's not all bad - some actresses have gone on to have successful careers after starring in the made-for-TV movies, and LeAnn even managed to find the love of her life.

So what do you think - will playing Elizabeth Taylor on TV help Lindsay get her career back on the right track?

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