Lindsay Lohan: Better or Worse?

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Lindsay Lohan Arrested in NYC

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Lindsay Lohan Arrested in NYC

Though Lindsay Lohan has been going for a serious comeback as of late with her guest appearance on Glee and landing the role of Elizabeth Taylor on Lifetime's Liz & Dick, unfortunately the same can't be said for her face, which fans say have been getting worse with each public outing.

Lindsay's latest appearance at last night's A+E Networks 2012 Upfront in NYC is once again getting people talking -- but as is often the case for the troubled child star, for less than positive reasons.

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By far her worst offense seems to be that she has permanently messed with her once adorable face -- those oddly filled cheeks and lips are all you can stare at, no?

Pics: What the Face? Lindsay Lohan Courtroom Edition

So yes, everyone loves a good comeback but you have to wonder ... with so many other "fresh faces" out there in roughly the same age group (think Emma Stone, Carey Mulligan, Kristen Stewart), is there really any room for Lindsay and her 50-year-old mug?

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