Lindsay Lohan Bares All for Playboy, Other Celebrity Centerfolds

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Lindsay Lohan bares it all for a Playboy shoot!

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Lindsay Lohan bares it all for a Playboy shoot!

There's got to be a handbook out there that tells Hollywood's fallen angels how to rehabilitate their tarnished halos. And we're pretty sure that posing naked for Playboy isn't in it. Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan must have missed that memo. Maybe they handed it out the day she was late for her public service at the morgue?

Lohan made headlines earlier this week when her Playboy cover was leaked online well in advance of its scheduled release date. The issue is now scheduled to hit newsstands somewhere around December 15th. Sources have called Lohan's platinum locks and provocative poses an homage to Marilyn Monroe, who appeared in the skin mag's very first issue.

While the aptly-named spread won't do much to improve Lohan's image, at least it's done good things for her finances. Playboy allegedly paid her close to $1 million dollars. That's a lot of bunny kibble.

LiLo's not the only star to have traded hot pics for cool cash or bared all for Playboy. Here are four more stars who have graced Playboy's pages.

Drew Barrymore bared all in 1995, the same year she flashed her breasts at David Letterman with her back to the camera.

Eighties fans will remember a similar scandal in 1985 when Madonna shed her signature 80's look for something more comfortable. The scandal was less about the Material Girl appearing in the altogether and more about her unshaven armpits full of dark hair. Maybe somebody told her it was artsy, but we just walked away-ay. Madonna later sued since she hadn't given the independent photographer permission to sell the photos.

You'll never guess who pitched a fit when Denise Richards showed off her smokin' post-baby bod in a 2004 issue of Playboy. That would be bad-boy former hubby Charlie Sheen, who apparently wanted to keep all of that #winning Goddess energy to himself.

Pop Quiz: Which 90210 star has appeared in Playboy more than once? Did you guess Shannen Doherty? Ding, ding, ding! Doherty has appeared in at least three issues in the years 1993, 1994, plus a 10-page spread in 2003. Somehow, we don't think Mr. and Mrs. Walsh would have approved.

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