Lindsay Lohan Arrested, Has Her Past Finally Caught Up with Her

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Lindsay Lohan Arrested, Has Her Past Finally Caught Up with Her

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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan found herself back behind bars after police arrested her outside a nightclub around 4 a.m. in New York City for allegedly striking a woman. The nightclub was the same one that previously banned her earlier in the year. This is just one of many problems for the starlet as her life continues to spiral out of control. While she said in recent interviews that she wants to turn her life around, and have people consider her an actress first and foremost, she just can't seem to stay out of trouble.

"Liz & Dick"

Lohan took on the role as Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime television movie "Liz & Dick." It was a wonderful opportunity for Lindsay. For years, people have only talked about her legal problems, from the alleged shoplifting incident to her various alcohol and drug struggles. After numerous arrests and rehab stints, it looked like she might actually try to get her life back together.

The one area that no one ever dismissed Lindsay in was her acting. While she has not always been great, she is a credible actress. She won awards as a child for "The Parent Trap," and as a young adult with "Freaky Friday" and "Mean Girls." However, with "Liz & Dick," critics panned her.

It was the first time Lohan had ever heard such harsh criticism about her acting, and according to sources, it devastated her.

Car Accident

With all the talk about learning from her past mistakes, it can't help that Lindsay is once again possibly facing jail time. However, it isn't the recent arrest that started the new difficulties. While shooting "Liz & Dick," Lohan and an assistant were in a car accident, when Lindsay's Porsche hit a truck. The two went to the hospital, and Lohan told police she was not driving.

Fox News reported that there is now a chance Lohan could be charged with lying to the police. They also reported that Lifetime could consider suing Lohan for breach of contract, since the actress signed a contract promising she would not drive while shooting "Liz & Dick." The producers behind the movie denied this, but the police case is still on the horizon.

While this seemed scary for the actress, the new arrest could finally do her in. Lindsay has escaped problems many times in the past. With this latest incident, has her past finally caught up with her?

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