Lindsay Lohan Arrested for Assault: What Celebs Are Saying on Twitter

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Lindsay Lohan Arrested for Assault: What Celebs Are Saying on Twitter

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Lindsay Lohan was arrested yet again.

Another day, another arrest for Lindsay Lohan. The troubled star, who is still reeling from the criticism she received for her turn in "Liz & Dick" this week, was arrested after punching a woman in a New York nightclub. The incident occurred in the early morning hours on November 29, with LiLo allegedly decking the woman square in the face. She was released from the police station several hours later, but this is sure to raise more questions about her probation. Naturally, this new charge is a hot topic in the entertainment world. Dr. Phil shared his thoughts about Lindsay's latest setback. "I mean, come on," he said. "You're in a target-rich environment for trouble if you're out at 4 AM in a club when people get drunk. Bad things are going to happen." Dr. Phil is actually sympathetic toward the actress, but other celebs aren't being so kind. Here is a taste of what some stars are saying about the arrest on Twitter.

Shonda Rhimes

The woman behind "Grey's Anatomy" isn't known for causing stirs with other celebs, but that hasn't stopped her from wondering why Lindsay continues to put herself in bad situations. She took to Twitter to ask an obvious question, writing "Here's the thing I keep thinking about poor Lindsay Lohan: if EVERY time you go out to the clubs, you get arrested, why don't you STAY HOME?" That's a fair point, and one that many people are wondering about as well.

Joan Rivers

Joan has been on a Lindsay kick this week. First she ripped her acting in "Liz & Dick" on Monday, writing "Lindsay Lohan's probation will be revoked because she lied to police. The same goes for her SAG card after playing Elizabeth Taylor." Naturally, the famous interviewer couldn't resist commenting on the arrest either. "Lindsay Lohan was just arrested in NYC for allegedly punching a woman in the face. 50 bucks says it was a TV critic who hated 'Liz & Dick,'" wrote Joan shortly after the arrest news went public. Don't expect any face-to-face chats between the two stars in the near future.

Joy Behar

The co-host on "The View" took a more humorous approach when sharing her take on Lindsay's latest bit of trouble. She decided to poke fun at her infamously short jail sentence, posting "Lindsay Lohan arrested yet again! I don't get it. Did she learn NOTHING from her 12 minutes in jail?" Given her recent stretch of run-ins with the law, there's a real possibility that Lindsay's next jail term will be significantly longer than the five hours she spent behind bars last November.

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