Lindsay Lohan Arrested Again! Top 3 Ways She Can Still Make a Comeback

Can LiLo Come Back from Her ‘Liz & Dick’ Comeback Plus New Charges?

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Lindsay Lohan is facing multiple charges on both coasts.

LiLo is charged with assaulting a woman in a Manhattan nightclub. The 26-year-old actress left the precinct wearing her club clothes from the night before and hiding under a jacket. Meanwhile, she was hit almost simultaneously with new charges stemming from her Los Angeles car crash earlier this year.

The starlet is also still undoubtedly smarting from the disastrous reaction this week to her Lifetime "comeback" movie, "Liz and Dick." Lohan is having one heck of a fall. The "Mean Girls" star has been challenged by a string of bad choices, questionable judgement and terrible luck.

Lindsay's turn as Elizabeth Taylor was supposed to remind the viewing public why she became a star in the first place. Instead the former child star was mocked and ridiculed for accidentally making a campy film along the lines Razzie award winners like "Gigli," "Catwoman" and "Showgirls." In addition, she faces her own "Parent Trap" with Michael Lohan's recently discovered love child and Dina Lohan's televised meltdown-like behavior.

Is this the end for Lindsay career-wise? We think not. Through it all she has shown a certain tenacity, for better or worse.

In addition, La Lohan still has a few supportive celeb friends left. Charlie Sheen recently cut her a tax bailout check. Lady Gaga called LiLo's turn in "Liz and Dick" beautiful. Jimmy Fallon even tweeted up her TV movie.

Despite the rehab stints, car crash troubles, bailing on Barbara Walters and threat of prison, here are the top ways that Lindsay can make a comeback from her failed comeback and string of arrests.

Laugh it Off

The public loves a self-aware star. Christina Aguilera gained fans when she publicly rejected Hollywood's staunch standards of beauty after her recent weight gain. If Linds can laugh at herself without being overly self-deprecating she may be perceived as being in on the joke rather than being a joke.

Stop Going to Clubs

Lindsay's recent alleged assault arrest took place at around 4 o'clock in the morning at a New York City hot spot. Clubbing is fun -- when one is not on probation. Lindsay should place herself on house arrest again and make use of a stack of good books and the remote control. If your life seems like a magnet for trouble, no good can come out of being in a bar or club.

Rehab Again

Sure, Linds has been to rehab numerous times, but she needs to keep going until she finds a program that works. Her fame-seeking father agrees. MiLo says that his "daughter is in a dark place." He insists that he knew she would be arrested again. Mr. Lohan told ET Online, "I told you exactly what would happen and was trying to get Dina on board with me for a long time, but especially the last two weeks." The "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" star blames his ex-wife for not supporting his failed intervention attempt weeks ago.

Other Ideas?

If Lindsay is attempting to make a comeback she should mitigate risk of trouble. The starlet should stop driving herself and slap a gag order on her parents, if possible. Then, Linds could make the talk show rounds. LiLo might also choose to invest in formal acting training and look into getting a sitcom role.

There's no shame in needing help. Lindsay is human like everyone else.

It's a rough road ahead but do you think that Lindsay can still make another comeback?

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