Linday Lohan Vs. Liz Taylor - Their Similarities and Differences

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One of the stops on her Career-Reboot 2012 tour has Lindsay Lohan stepping into the dress of one of Hollywood's most beloved icons: Elizabeth Taylor. On the heels of her Playboy pictorial earlier this year, in which she played another 1960s era Tinseltown Treasure, Marilyn Monroe, it was announced that LiLo would be playing Liz in a Lifetime movie. "Liz & Dick" will tell the story of Taylor's volatile romance with Richard Burton, co-star with Taylor in "Cleopatra" and other films.

A reported wardrobe malfunction aside, Lohan may just very well end up surprising her doubters with this role. There are quite a few similarities between Lindsay and Liz, and those similarities may give the young and often embattled actress a leg-up in portraying one of the most important actresses in cinematic history. Then again, there are also a number of differences. Here are some of the things that link the stars, and some that separate them from one another.

Lindsay is Just Like Liz!

Both Liz and LIndsay started working in show business at a very young age. Lohan starred in "The Parent Trap" at age 12, and Liz starred in "There's One Born Every Minute" at age 10. It was apparent in both women's cases that they were gifted with talent that was not common in children of their age. As she's grown older, Lindsay has become the same kind of sex symbol that Liz was too, a little dangerous, but full of passion. To that end, both were in the headlines of the tabloids thanks to heated breakups and relationship rumors. Lindsay saw the breakup with her girlfriend Sam Ronson make headlines, and Taylor with just about every beau she ever had was forced into the spotlight.

With great talent and fame at an early age, personal troubles often follow, and Liz and LiLo are no exception. Taylor and Lohan both went to rehab more than once for chemical dependence issues. It was a DUI arrest in 2007 that put Lindsay on the career roller coaster she's been on for the last five years.

Liz and Lindsay Aren't Exactly Twins!

Up to this point, Lohan has stayed unmarried. Taylor however was married eight times to seven different men. Liz clearly has the upper-hand in total number of wedding rings! In terms of recognition for their work, it's not really even close. Taylor won two Oscars in her long and illustrious career, while Lindsay hasn't even been nominated for an Academy Award yet. If her career is indeed bouncing back though, it's not entirely inconceivable that she wouldn't be rewarded later, Hollywood does love a good come back story!

There's also a fundamental difference in the pair's public images and reputations. Though she certainly had her personal battles, and her love life would make some fans cringe, the fact is that Liz stayed pretty much a beloved figure for her entire life. In Lindsay's case though, the tide of public opinion shifted on her, and she now has a mountain of bad press to climb over on her way back to the top. A good performance in "Liz & Dick" could signal that she's making progress in climbing that mountain.

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