Lil Wayne Back After Hospital Scares - Other Stars Making Quick Recoveries

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Lil Wayne Back After Hospital Scares - Other Stars Making Quick Recoveries

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Lil ' Wayne In Concert on Strong Island

Lil Wayne is on the mend.

The 30-year-old rapper appears to be on the road to recovery after a recent medical scare that resulted in his hospitalization. While the star has been tight lipped about the ordeal, it was reported that he was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on March 12 to treat seizures. The star was released the next day and readmitted several days later after having a setback. A flurry of activity followed with the star reportedly being on his deathbed while his reps denied anything major was wrong. He was released from the hospital on March 19 and looks to be on the mend.

With the news of his amazing recovery, Lil Wayne joins a group of stars who have bounced back from the brink of death. Here are some of the stars who have had some recovered from illness or injury:

Sharon Stone: She was one of the sexiest stars of the 1990s with her breakout role in the movie, "Basic Instinct." The star was nearly struck down a few years later after she suffered a sub-arachnoid hemorrhage in 2001. The star was placed into a nine-day medically induced coma while doctors stabilized her condition. Of the experience she has said, "My head blew up. It was almost as if I was shot. I had to unbelievably painful shots in the left side of my head that physically knocked me over on to the couch. I was hemorrhaging into my brain for 11 days before they found out what was going on."

Gary Busey: He's just like the Energizer bunny, you can knock him down but he just keeps right on going! The "Buddy Holly Story" star faced down death's door after he was severely injured in a motorcycle accident in 1988. Busey was not wearing a helmet at the time of the incident and as a result suffered a fractured skull. He remained in a coma for thirty-three days and doctors feared that he would suffer from permanent brain damage from the injury. The experience has caused him to work as an advocate for traumatic injury prevention.

Ozzy Ozbourne

: He's cuddly bad-boy of heavy metal music and reality TV, but the star almost lost his life after he crashed his ATV in 2004. He was riding the vehicle on his English country estate when he hit a pothole and was launched into the air. The star ultimately landed with the bike landing on top of him and crushing his chest. He was in a coma for eight days before making a full recovery.

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