Liberty Ross Proves Pretty Women Get Cheated on Too

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Liberty Ross Proves Pretty Women Get Cheated on Too

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Kristen Stewart

No one is going to accuse Liberty Ross of letting herself go. The glamorous Vogue model is among the collateral damage of the recent Kristen Stewart cheating scandal in which Rupert Sanders was found to be having an affair with the "Twilight" star.

For those not keeping up, Sanders is Ross's husband and the director of Stewart's most recent movie "Snow White and The Huntsman" in which K-Stew stars as Snow White and Ross plays her mother.

The ravishing mother-of-two disproves the myth that the women men cheat with are prettier than their wives since by conventional standards she is more attractive than the 22-year-old Stewart. Though both are brunettes with heart-shaped faces, Ross is more classically beautiful with her stronger chin, lusher lips and higher cheek bones.

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But it is doubtful Sanders went after Stewart because he thought his wife was a washed-up hag.

Certified divorce coach Cathy Meyer suggests men cheat for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with their wives' physical appearance, such as sexual addiction, low self-esteem and relief from boredom.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, for instance, cheated on his former TV reporter wife Maria Shriver with the family's maid, with whom he fathered a child. When the affair was uncovered years later, many people wondered why he would choose the maid over Maria, failing to realize his reasons had little to do with the two women's relative hotness.

Almost a year ago, Demi Moore was mortified when the tabloids reported on Ashton Kutcher playing musical beds with a hotel party girl on the eve of the couple's sixth anniversary. Like Stewart, Sara Leal was barely out of her teens -- young enough to worship and idealize an older man.

The whole country was shocked when Sandra Bullock was betrayed by Jesse James. The bad boy bike rider was reported to have had several affairs, but his most publicized liaison was with Michelle McGee, whom the Daily News referred to as the "tattooed temptress." Few people considered her a better catch than Bullock.

Eva Longoria did not feel that desperate when she learned Tony Parker faked her out with another basketball wife. At the time, many people asked, "Who would cheat on Eva Longoria?" as if being pretty protected her from her husband having an affair.

As with Longoria, Bullock and all the other fetching female celebs women whose husbands were unfaithful, Sanders' betrayal of the beautiful Liberty Ross dispels the fairy tale that pretty women do not get cheated on.

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