Liberty Ross and Other Directors’ Wives Affected by Cheating Scandals Involving Actresses

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Twihard fans are probably feeling extremely sorry for Robert Pattinson right now - the poor guy just got his heart trampled on by Kristen Stewart. However, model Liberty Ross is probably feeling just as distraught.

Rob's longtime girlfriend Kristen recently admitted to cheating on him with Liberty's husband, 41-year-old "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders. Rupert and Kristen both apologized for their actions, but apologies might not be enough to keep their significant others from walking away.

Unfortunately 33-year-old Liberty might have a harder time leaving her husband than Rob would have leaving Kristen. She's been married to Rupert for seven years and has two children with him, so there would probably be a messy divorce and custody battle involved in their split.

She and Kristen probably got to know each other pretty well on the set of "Snow White and the Huntsman" since Liberty played the mother of Kristen's character. Liberty has even said that she's a big fan of Kristen, gushing about how "great" she is and how the actress was her number one choice to play Snow White. Could this story get any more sickening?

Sadly Liberty isn't alone when it comes to being the wife of a director involved in a cheating scandal - quite a few married moviemakers have found themselves facing affair allegations by falling for the actresses that they get to boss around.

"Spy Kids" director Robert Rodriguez has five kids with wife Elizabeth Avellan, but he gave up his family to hook up with actress Rose McGowan in 2006 after working with her on "Grindhouse." There were rumors that he would direct his new muse in a "Barbarella" remake and that he and Rose were engaged, but the couple split up in 2008. Maybe Rodriguez will consider casting K-Stew as his Barbarella now.

In 2003 Kate Beckinsale shocked everyone by leaving her "Underworld" costar Michael Sheen and hooking up with "Underworld" director Len Wiseman. Sheen hasn't talked much about the awkward situation, probably because he wants to protect the daughter he has with Kate, but Wiseman's ex-wife had plenty to say about it. Kindergarten teacher Dana said of Len and Kate's relationship, "They (Beckinsale and Wiseman) are saying their relationship started in January (03) after we separated - but that is simply not true. Some girls know how to treat other woman and some don't." Dana claimed that Kate and Len's relationship started while they were working on the movie in Budapest and said that the actress was never nice to her.

Kate disputed claims that any cheating went on by saying, ''The popular notion of how Michael and I broke up - that we were on [the first 'Underworld'] and I ran off with the director [Wiseman] - is just not true. If that were the case, I think it would be very difficult and peculiar to have an okay situation. But everybody involved has felt that the priority is Lily and wanting to get to a good place for her. And everyone is nice. So it's not bad.'' And don't feel too bad for Michael Sheen - he's since moved on with his beautiful "Midnight in Paris" costar Rachel McAdams.

Director Sam Mendes also had to deny claims that he was cheating on his wife with a coworker in 2010. There were reports that his marriage to Kate Winslet fell apart because he started seeing Rebecca Hall, who he directed in the 2006 movie "Starter for 10." A rep for Mendes called allegations that he was more than friends with Hall "untrue and ridiculous." In November 2011, Hall and Mendes went public with their relationship.

Unlike these other directors, it doesn't look like Liberty's husband is going to try to start a relationship with his actress lover. However, maybe Liberty is thinking about liberating herself from Rupert. Right before news of the cheating scandal broke, she tweeted this Marilyn Monroe quote: "Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together."

But maybe Kristen and Rupert would be better off if they did just get together - filming that "Snow White and the Huntsman" sequel is going to be rather awkward now.

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