Lenny Kravitz Takes on Marvin Gaye Biopic – Why He’s Perfect for the Role

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Lenny Kravitz Takes on Marvin Gaye Biopic – Why He’s Perfect for the Role

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Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz is stacking up his cinematic resume with a new acting gig: portraying Marvin Gaye in a biopic directed by Julien Temple. The "Believe" singer is said to be slipping into the segment of Gaye's life when he struggled with drug addiction and a flailing career in the 1980s. Some question whether Kravitz has bitten off more than he can chew with the project. But there are reasons why we might want to give him a chance.

He grew up on soul music.

Lenny was emerging from his tender teens around the time that Marvin Gaye died. He grew up on classic soul music, perhaps granting him the authenticity to pull off a vintage persona. But he'll need to do more than just pontificate behind a microphone. The film calls for him to get into some really sensitive areas of the Motown legend's life. Embodying Gaye's off-stage qualities could be more of a stretch.

He's a musician.

The obvious correlation between these two gentlemen will probably serve this film well. At 48 years old, Lenny's already lived longer than the singer he's portraying. Gaye died at age 44. A seasoned instrumentalist, the role could give him the opportunity to showcase those influences under which he's grown. You can hear those classic R&B nuances in songs like his 1991 single, "What Goes Around Comes Around."

He's already cut his acting chops.

With roles like that in "Precious" and "The Hunger Games," Lenny's proven that he can bend as an actor. (Kravitz also becomes a member of the White House help in Lee Daniels' 2013 movie, "The Butler.") To capture the nuances of Marvin Gaye's most intimate moments, it helps to be sort of a chameleon - something that Lenny does well, based on his dozens of red carpet appearances.

He's a popular sex symbol.

Marvin Gaye's sex symbol status was practically the cornerstone of his musical appeal. Lenny is certainly no stranger to tantalizing the ladies. While it's unclear how much of the film will highlight Marvin's prowess, Lenny's dreamy collection of music videos reveals his ability to amp up the "sexy." Critics may question whether Lenny looks enough like Gaye to really pull it off. Other actors like Jesse L. Martin (who some say is a dead ringer for the late crooner) could probably make the visual interpretation more transparent. But with a few Hollywood tricks, anything is possible.

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