LeAnn Rimes Trying to Irk Brandi Glanville by Wearing Tiny Shorts to Baseball Game?

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What Could LeAnn Rimes’ Sitcom Feature Besides Brandi Glanville Bashing?

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LeAnn Rimes' baseball game attire is inappropriate

Brandi Glanville has complained a lot about LeAnn Rimes' lack of boundaries when it comes to being a "bonus mom." So was LeAnn crossing any boundaries by wearing a pair of extremely tiny vinyl shorts to her stepson's baseball game?

During a recent interview with OK! Magazine, Brandi talked about how LeAnn used to upset her by texting "horrible things" like, "I love the boys. I can't wait to make their lunches." Brandi has also complained about LeAnn referring to Brandi's sons as "my boys" on Twitter, so obviously she thinks that LeAnn is trying to hurt her whenever she flaunts her relationship with the boys.

Brandi said something similar about boundaries last month when she told "Access Hollywood" this about LeAnn playing bonus mom to her sons: "I think once she has a child of her own, I think she will understand boundaries and what's respectful to do and how to handle things a little better."

So since Brandi Glanville already isn't the biggest fan of LeAnn Rimes' behavior around her sons, it's safe to say that she'll be appalled by the outfit that the country singer chose to wear to one of the boy's recent baseball games.

LeAnn tried to look like a baseball mom by rocking a sporty sweatshirt with the number "78" on the front, and she paired it with a white purse with stitching that made it resemble a baseball. There's nothing wrong with these items, but her vinyl micro-shorts were extremely inappropriate for a child's baseball game -- the athletic-style shorts were so tiny and tight that they appeared to be giving her a wedgie in one photo. She completed her leg-flashing look with a pair of high-heeled booties.

It really looks like LeAnn was trying to get under Brandi's skin by showing some skin, but Brandi might be too busy to make much of fuss about LeAnn's boundary-crossing booty shorts right now -- "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star is currently preoccupied with a racy rumor started by Faye Resnick.

In a recent blog post, Brandi responded to Faye's claims that she had naked sex in a bathroom by writing, "Faye, Faye, Faye. I think that she just makes things up in her head to get camera time. I wasn't found naked in a bathroom in any way shape or form. I simply had a ten-second, fully clothed makeout session with a hot man. The only person that walked in was Lisa and she pulled me out of the bathroom by my ear like a good mum. (BTW I dated that hot man for six months after 'bathroom gate'. We are still close friends, in fact he is my real estate agent!)."

So do you think that LeAnn's outfit was inappropriate for her stepson's baseball game, or do you think that it's more inappropriate that Brandi made out with her real estate agent in a bathroom?

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