Is LeAnn Rimes Ready for a Baby of Her Own?

The Country Star Has Been Doing Some Baby Talk, but is She Ready to Be a Full Time Mom?

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Is LeAnn Rimes Ready for a Baby of Her Own?

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Is LeAnn Rimes ready for a baby, maybe? The country star's new album, "Spitfire" is due out on June 4, and amid all of the promotional interviews is a bevy of baby talk -- including the admission that she'd love to have a baby girl.

The singer, who is married to actor Eddie Cibrian, told Us Weekly, "We talk about having kids all the time and I would love to, but it's gonna be a second. I'm still young and fertile -- it's all good!"

But in another interview, the 30-year old told People, "It took my mom 12 years to have me. I hope I don't have that [issue] but if I do, then a surrogate is something I've thought about. Eddie and I have also talked about adopting. My capacity to love a child doesn't stop at my own eggs, obviously!"

Rimes is stepmom to Mason, 9, and Jake, 6, Cibrian's sons with ex-wife Brandi Glanville, and in 2011 she told the Tennessean that she's very involved in her role as the boys' "bonus mom."

"It's not like we just have them on the weekends," she said. "I do homework and I make lunches and I do normal things you would do as a mom and I enjoy it, that normal life that I've never had as a wife or as a mom. I never really knew if I wanted kids or not, because I was so business-focused and now I have two that aren't my blood, but really at the end of the day, I love watching them grow and learn, and I love to be a part of teaching them that."

In the Us interview, Rimes detailed how she likes to play with her stepsons and also said she has a "newfound respect for working moms who do it all by themselves."

"I was just with the kids for the last two days taking care of them on my own," she said. "The little one has a vivid imagination, so we're usually playing swords and shooting people with imaginary guns. They ride dirt bikes now and quads. I grew up in Mississippi, so I've ridden quads my whole life… So that's kind of like our family thing to do now. Everybody has either a dirt bike or a little quad and we go riding around the neighborhood."

Let's hope they're all wearing helmets. Last year Brandi slammed LeAnn for allegedly letting then 5-year-old Jake ride his bike in the street without a helmet. Leann responded to her with a direct tweet: "@brandiglanville really, he's not in a street. It's in our neighborhood, and you know it. It's on the dirt."

Over the years, Rimes has managed to get under Glanville's skin by referring to the kids as her "boys," while the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star had some harsh words for her after one of her sons mistook a laxative for a Skittles candy during a visit to his dad's.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Glanville said, "I don't find [LeAnn] to be stable and I don't want her around my kids when Eddie's not there -- or at least the nanny, his parents, someone. Mason, my eldest, ate some of Le's candies and got extremely ill. And Le's candies are laxatives. It was a big (bleeping) deal for me, and I lost my mind."

In a statement to Us, Cibrian defended his wife, saying, " LeAnn continues to be a loving and positive influence on the lives of my sons. They are without a doubt lucky to have her. The love they have for their 'bonus mom' continues to grow each day as we navigate the changes to our family."

Meanwhile, with all of the boys in her life, LeAnn Rimes told People, "Testosterone is all around here so I need a little girl!"

So what do you think? Should LeAnn have a baby of her own or should she stay a bonus mom?

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