LeAnn Rimes: Home Wrecker & Husband Stealer - Can Her Career Survive?

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'American Idol' Season 10: This is Going to Be Good (and I'm Not Talking About the Talent)

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'American Idol' Season 10: This is Going to Be Good (and I'm Not Talking About the Talent)

"Never, ever, was I thinking of hurting someone.....We were just two people in marriages that weren't working. We stumbled upon each other and fell in love," said LeAnn Rimes in an interview with Robin Roberts for Prime Time.

There's only one problem though. In two very well crafted sentences, LeAnn Rimes completely absolved herself from any personal responsibility for her actions. Somehow, I don't think that Brandi Glanville or Dean Sheremet are buying it. And quite frankly, why should they?

LeAnn Rimes Facing Hefting Consequences

Since LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian dumped their respective spouses and ran off together in a heat of hormones and passion, LeAnn has been on the defensive. It's rather unfortunate, because, in case you haven't heard, the girl can sing. Holy vocal chords, she rocks.

At the tender age of 14, LeAnn Rimes blew the doors right off the world of country music with her version of Patsy Cline's hit, "Blue." She might have just been a pubescent adolescent in age, but her voice was all grown up. Nashville and country music welcomed the teenage vocal prodigy with wide open arms and for more than 15 years she enjoyed a prosperous singing career and has been a solid presence in the Nashville country music scene.

But, that was then and this is now and LeAnn Rimes has learned the hard way, that when you make certain choices, the ramifications of those choices stick with you; especially if you take another woman's man. She might as well have a scarlet letter tattooed across her forehead, because no matter how much she pleads innocence and wants to paint her actions as pure happenstance, it's not going away.

Shape Magazine Apologizes for LeAnn Rimes Cover

LeAnn received another dose of those consequences recently when Shape Magazine issued a public apology to some of its readers for featuring LeAnn on the cover of their October 2010 issue, mere weeks after the break-up of Eddie and LeAnn's marriages.

In the apology, editor-in-chief, Valarie Latona, said, "You are all in good company (why I'm e-mailing you all together) as you all agree Shape has made a terrible mistake in putting LeAnn Rimes on the cover. Please know that our putting her on the cover was not meant to put a husband-stealer on a pedestal - but to show (through her story) how we all are human." Ouch.

What's Good for the Goose is Rarely Good for the Gander

As is often the case, when it comes to adulterous affairs, the women seem to take the brunt of the fall-out. For example, when fellow country singers Amy Grant and Vince Gill left their spouses for one another over a decade ago, it was Amy Grant who took the lion's share of the punches in the media.

Perhaps, if Eddie Cibrian didn't have two little children who were left in the lurch, when he and LeAnn "stumbled upon each other and fell in love" LeAnn's fans and the public might be a little more forgiving. But, as it is, LeAnn Rimes is wearing the badge of "husband stealer" and "home-wrecker" while Brandi Glanville is the sympathetic, scorned wife and Eddie Cibrian is just, well, a cad.

Will LeAnn's Career Withstand the Heat?

If LeAnn and Eddie's relationship can weather the pressures of the fall out surrounding their affair, chances are, so will LeAnn's career. No one will take issue with her as a performer and singer. She's tops in her field and as long as there is money to be made, music executives and record companies will be more than happy to turn a blind-eye to her indiscretions.

The public will also likely be willing to forgive and forget if their relationship survives as well. Vince Gill and Amy Grant recently celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary and have a child together. The duration of the marriage, along with bringing a child into their family had a way of legitimizing their not so honorable beginnings.

Until then, thought, it might not be a bad idea for LeAnn to stop talking. Playing wounded and declaring that you "have no regrets" is probably not the best strategy either. In fact, she might do well to just take a cue from the Dixie Chicks and just shut up and sing.

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