LeAnn Rimes Continues Apology Tour - Why the Fans Are Skeptical

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LeAnn Rimes Continues Apology Tour - Why the Fans Are Skeptical

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Ever since her affair with her now-husband, Eddie Cibrian, in 2009, LeAnn Rimes has been struggling to rehabilitate her image. These days, she's been trying harder than ever to win back public opinion.

Apology Tour

In an upcoming omg! Insider interview, the country singer talks about the night that her affair with Eddie was made public. She also talks about how emotionally affected she was by the media backlash, and how she was able to use those feelings as inspiration for many of the songs in her upcoming album, "Spitfire."

The fallout from the affair certainly seems to have taken an emotional toll on the singer. As she explained in an Us Weekly interview, "I was feeling all these crazy emotions and feeling terrible about myself and was disgusted by myself and thought I was pathetic."

And it seems that LeAnn has been looking everywhere to find redemption. In an interview with ET, LeAnn admitted that she asks God for forgiveness everyday.

As she explained, "We are human beings who are going to sin and make mistakes and if you have that connection, for me, is something that I feel is bigger than me, it's not something that's unusual to do."

Yet despite her words of remorse, the public reaction has been predominantly negative. Here's a look at why the fans are skeptical of LeAnn's apologies.

Timing Coincides With Upcoming Album

The public seems to doubt the sincerity of her apologies. Some bloggers have accused her of trying to gain sympathy in order to drum up sales for her upcoming album.

Wrote one Yahoo! reader, "This whole 'confession' is just a PR firm written excuse to talk about her new album. Nice try, but timing-wise, it reeks."

LeAnn & Brandi Still Feuding

This Mother's Day, LeAnn made a botched attempt to bury the hatchet with Eddie's ex-wife, Brandi Glanville, escalating in yet another Twitter war. And the fact that these two are still publicly feuding doesn't sit well with people.

Stepmom blogger Molly Schaar sent a message to both LeAnn and Brandi, tweeting, "@leannrimes @BrandiGlanville You'd be wise to keep communication off twitter! Your job is to co-parent- not tweet. #KidsSeeAllSomeday." To which LeAnn replied, "you think?! That would be nice"

Fans Don't Buy Her Apologies To God

It can be tricky when a celebrity discusses her personal faith. In this case, LeAnn seemed to rub viewers the wrong way when she talked about asking God for forgiveness.

Some readers have argued that LeAnn was hiding behind the "God excuse" in order to avoid taking responsibility. Wrote one RadarOnline reader, "She should stop asking for forgiveness and start taking responsibility for her continual bad behavior. She has the power to change how she behaves, no one else."

Others have argued that she should spend her time making amends with Brandi, not with God. Wrote another reader, "What a bunch of BS, if she was really sorry she wouldn't keep baiting Brandi the way she does. She wants forgiveness from the public, but the forgiveness she should ask for is from Brandi."

Still Talking About It After All These Years

Still others wonder why she is still talking about the affair.

Wrote one Yahoo! reader, "Why is it when people stop caring about her, she pops back up bringing up the affair in some way yet again? Give it up LeAnn your 15 minutes have been up for years..."

Another Yahoo! reader wondered, "Why am I under the impression that this woman always feels the need to justify her actions.... Is it guilt...?"

Can LeAnn Win Back The Fans?

The country singer certainly has an uphill battle, but it's not impossible.

One Yahoo! reader offered some tough love. "Do yourself a favor and go back to singing like Patsy. I saw you in concert and it was disappointing and most of the people I walked out with agreed. You have a great talent-use it and put the rest of this behind you."

What can LeAnn do to rehabilitate her image? Can she ever win back the fans? Or is it too late? And why don't we ever seem to hear from Eddie?

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