Leah Remini’s Tell-All Book: Will it Top These Past Celeb Shockers?

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Leah Remini may no longer be a co-host on "The Talk," but she sure is talking!

Following her controversial decision to leave the Church of Scientology, the former "King of Queens" star is planning to write a tell-all memoir-and it sounds like no topic is off limits. The actress told Us Weekly, "It will include my experiences, everything that's taboo to talk about."

While the Scientology scandal will surely get its own chapter in the book (the outspoken actress has openly questioned the leadership of the organization's chairman, David Miscavige), Remini's book will hopefully contain tidbits about her controversial parenting style (daughter Sofia sucked on a bottle until she was nearly 4 years old), and the bad blood surrounding her ousting from the CBS chat fest "The Talk," which culminated with a Twitter war with former co-star Sharon Osbourne.

But it's the Scientology secrets that will likely blow the lid off of this tell-all. Of the very public way in which Remini split from the church, former Scientology executive Karen de la Carriere told the Hollywood Reporter, "That girl has a lot of b-lls. Complaining about Miscavige in that organization is like complaining about God."

As Remini gets set to pen her secrets, here's a look back at some of the most shocking celeb tell-alls of all time.

"Here's The Story"

Actress Maureen McCormick shocked fans of her family-friendly '70s sitcom, "The Brady Bunch," when she wrote her 2008 memoir "Here's The Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice." The book described the former child star's secret life of sex and drugs, including the jaw-dropper that she sometimes swapped sex for cocaine! A few years later, McCormick's TV mom Florence Henderson also penned a shocking tell-all, detailing her affair with the mayor of New York City that ended with a case of crabs.

"High on Arrival"

In 2009, former "One Day at a Time" star Mackenzie Phillips shocked the world -- and, apparently, her family -- when she alleged in her memoir that she had a consensual incestuous relationship with her father, Mamas and the Papas founder John Phillips, for more than a decade. She even detailed that her father tried to romanticize the relationship, saying that he pondered the two of them running away to raise his other children together. After Mackenzie published her memoir, her stepmom Michelle Phillips denounced the story in a statement to "The Today Show." Meanwhile, Mackenzie said of her decision to expose the secret about father, who died in 2001: "I think I was very naive. I expected, certainly, people to go, 'Oh, that is so crazy.' What I didn't expect was the deeply cruel things that were said."


There was nothing sweet about Jodie's Sweetin 2010 bio. In her book, the former child star (she played Stephanie Tanner on the ABC sitcom "Full House") went into detail about her methamphetamine habit and even admitted to faking sobriety so she could take paid speaking gigs aimed to inspire young people to just say no to drugs.

"Shirley Jones: A Memoir"

And former "Partridge Family" star Shirley Jones dropped a bombshell or two in her recent autobiography. Many of Jones's racy revelations center around her former husband, Jack Cassidy, including a threesome with another woman and a suggestion of swinging with Joan Collins and her then-husband Anthony Newley. But the most shocked reader of that revelation was Joan Collins herself, who says the incident never happened. According to People, the former "Dynasty" star slapped Jones's publisher with a cease and desist letter and demanded a retraction. Jones's peeps complied, but the 79-year-old actress is sticking to her story.

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