Lady Gaga Tones it Down - a Look at Her Tamest Outfits This Year

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Lady Gaga Tones it Down - a Look at Her Tamest Outfits This Year

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Lady Gaga has traded her signature looks (seen here) in for a more demure look.

Aside from her music, Lady Gaga is best known for her bizarre fashion sense. In the past, she's worn a meat dress, a dress made from Kermit the Frogs, and all manner of other weird and wonderful creations. So, it was a little surprising when she showed up in Amsterdam in an unusually normal dress! These events are very rare, but here is a look at some of Lady G's most normal outfits this year.

No make-up

Gaga is all about people feeling comfortable with who they are, and how they look. To make her point clear, the singer tweeted a photo of herself without any of her usual make-up. It was a refreshing change to see her look stripped right down, and she was widely praised by her fans for doing so.

Little Black Dress

Now, it wouldn't be fair to say that this look would be "normal" for everyone, but for the blonde diva, it was exceptionally tame. During the summer, she was spotted in West Hollywood wearing a very low cut black dress and patent leather boots. While the slit down the front is daring, this is most definitely one of her least frightening outfits to date.

Orange dress

Back in June, Mother Monster arrived at an Auckland hotel looking radiant in orange. It's a tough color to pull off, but once you've been out covered in beef, orange is no problem! The look wasn't completely without weirdness. The slightly Elton John style glasses added just the right amount of "kooky." But overall, she looked relatively normal.

Casual in black

While on her way to a rehearsal in April, the "Edge of Glory" singer tweeted a photo of herself looking super classy. While you can't see a whole lot of her outfit, the black, long sleeved shirt showed a level of sophistication, which was topped off by her incredible earrings. Not a single trace of crazy was seen in this photo!

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