Lady Gaga Joins Other Celebrities that Are Ordained Ministers

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Lady Gaga is at it again!

Mama Monster is becoming a minister! But don't worry - Lady Gaga isn't going to trade her crazy costumes for a clerical collar for good. Instead the singer filled out the paperwork to become an ordained minister because she's such a good friend.

According to the Press Association, Here's what she said about her reason for becoming a woman of the cloth after same-sex marriage became legal in New York: "My yoga instructor Tricia is a lesbian and she lives with her partner for years now, and they have a beautiful daughter. And [they] asked me to marry them. So yes, I'm going to."

Gaga also told her pal Perez Hilton that she might have designer Jean Paul Gaultier make her a controversial priest outfit. She's already done the whole naughty nun thing and played a biker version of Mary Magdalene, so she's going to have a hard time causing more controversy than she already has.

And Mama Monster wouldn't exactly be an innovator by becoming a priest - plenty of other celebrities are also ordained ministers with the power to preach, marry people, and officiate at funerals.

The Universal Life Church has made it possible for all sorts of celebrities to become ministers - Kathy Griffin said she had her assistant fill out an online form for her and that it only took ten minutes. Like "How I Met Your Mother" actor Jason Segel, she became a minister after a couple asked her to marry them. The comedienne had the marriage filmed for her show "Life on the D List."

The couple married by Segel posted an ad on Craigslist asking him to marry them, and they were informed of a bar that the actor frequented. They posted flyers around the area and eventually got their wish when Jason walked into the bar while they were having a drink. He officiated their ceremony on "The Tonight Show."

Jay Leno was just a witness for that marriage, while talk show host Conan O'Brien actually officiated a wedding of his own. He became an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church in November so that he could marry his costume designer Scott Cronick and his partner David Gorshein on his show.

Tori Spelling proved that she really cares about customer service - she also became a minister to wed a gay couple at her bed and breakfast. She called the experience her "scariest moment" because of the magnitude of the honor that was bestowed upon her.

Kris Jenner is yet another reality show star who is an ordained minister. She became a woman of the cloth to marry her pal Pastor Brad and his wife Karen at her house, but now she's probably wishing that Kourtney Kardashian would let her use her holy power to pronounce Kourt and Scott Disick husband and wife.

And perhaps Katy Perry's super-religious parents were proud when their son-in-law became a minister - funnyman Russell Brand married two lucky audience members at one of his shows back in August. Apparently Katy has made him appreciate marriage so much that he wants to spread the joy.

Sometimes celebrities have even been married by other celebrities - last year "Survivor" host Jeff Probst officiated the wedding of "The Office" star Jenna Fischer.

However, there's one star who became an ordained minister that Gaga is most likely to be compared to - "Nothing Compares 2 U" singer Sinead O'Connor.

Mama Monster has been accused of copying Madonna in the past, so will she be compared to Sinead for becoming a priest? Years after tearing up a picture of the Pope on SNL, the eccentric star became Mother Bernadette Mary. She wasn't ordained online like most other celebrities - the breakaway Latin Tridentine church in Lourdes actually made her a priest. But of course the mainstream Catholic Church doesn't recognize her as one.

Sinead just recently walked down the aisle, but it's such a shame that she didn't wait a little while - it would have been amazing if Gaga could have officiated her wedding.

So what do you think about all these celebrities becoming ordained ministers? Is it a ridiculous trend, or would it be fun to be married by one of them?

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